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The Treeing Cur is a type of mixed breed dog that originated in the Southern U.S.A. It is used to tree squirrels raccoons and opossums. The dog can have any breed of dog in it but must meet the breed standards which are loosely stated. Usually a dog that is over 30 lbs and has 1 tree dog ancestor.

Treeing Cur The "Treeing Cur" is a type of mixed breed dog that originated in the Southern U.S.A.1
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Earlier use Historically, the words "cur" and "feist" were used in England to refer to small hunting dogs, where "feists" were the smaller dogs and "curs" were 30 lbs or larger .7
Leopard Cur Blue Lacy Camus Cur Canadian Cur Feist Florida/Cracker Cur Henderson Cur Kemmer Stock Cur Kemmer Stock Hybrid Squirrel Dog Kemmer Feist Parnell's Carolina Cur Southern Blackmouth Cur Tennessee 8
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Tails -Any length bobtailcur This old post card shows a bobtail Cur Dog confronting a Bald Eagle 10
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as opposed to a hound, yet your question seems to pertain to houndsmen. That can mean several things, and quite possibly could mean this dog will hunt nothing like a hound.12
Association National Treeing Cur Association Wow – talk about putting things off until the last minute! Here I am the eve before leavin...13
Association Hall of Fame. (The Limbgripper name, in case you haven’t figured it out, is a Southern colloquialism for squirrel.14
breeders in Jackson Mississippi = Treeing Cur kennels list = list of dog breeders in Jackson Mississippi - 1.15
dog = Free pet wallpapers / Free-pet-wallpapers / Dog / Treeing Cur dog - Advertisements Treeing Cur dog = Treeing Cur dog free wallpaper in free pet category: Dog - Advertisements Wallpaper picture comment: Treeing Cur dog. Image name: Treeing Cur dog. Picture format: jpg.16
Kennels Breeders : Alton Davisone-mail: Rt. 1 box 196Call,Tx 75933409-423-6055Home Page: Salem's Treeing Cur Kennels Charles Thacker e-mail: Rt. 4 Bx.17
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puppy class Amazing Buckeye Booger Booger is out of the Amazing Kennels in House Springs, MO. His sire is NKC Super Gr. Nt. Ch., Super Gr. Sq. Ch., Gr. Ch., UKC Sq. Ch.19
Pups I have for sale a very nice female, she is yellow w/white trim.20
Pups (ready for Christmas) - Asking Price: 25.00 Make a young boy happy for Christmas! I have 9 beautiful Treeing Cur Pups.21
pups for Sale - 1.22
there are a mix of the top walkers with the top curs, such as GR NITE CH WORLD CH X jr, GR NITE CH and number one historical reproducer Rat Attack, and GR 23
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, He is 17in tall black and alittle white. He trees coons and squirrel and is 100 per house trained.25
, Limbgripper Ranger, reared up on an oak, gazing into the branches overhead. The dog barks again. "Where is he, Ranger?" Jim asks.26
03-05-2007, 06:42 AMI have a Mt Cur and 2 Treeing Curs that I coon hunt some. I mostly squirrel hunt now.27
; he comes from the breeding of Hershberger Curs from Northern Ohio. He is PKC, NKC and UKC registered.28
This is the one that started it all. The dog pictured above is Gr. Nt. Ch., World Nt. Ch. Harley's Treeing Sport.29
Coon Hunting Supplies Cheaha Mountain State Park Confederate States of America Site More Links: Promotion by @ SUBMIT 30
must keep accurate records, the NKC standard specifies a height of 18 to 28 inches and a weight of "over 30 pounds." Eye color? "Green, blue, or brown." Coat color? "Any color variation is acceptable.32
FOR SALE ! $50.00 - Treeing Cur Puppies. They were born on Thursday, November 3rd.33
on squirrel and coon. We recently purchased a half treeing cur half walker female from Ray and boy is she a knock out for looks.34
) HERE AT BIG SKY CURS OUR SERVICES ARE: We are looking for some good homes for some older dogs, be good to keep unwanted animals away.35
" Pups", because we expect the majority of the puppies to meet NKC weight requirements of the Treeing Cur breed.36
over 30 lbs
over 30 lbs
Any color
color pattern
or combination of colors acceptable.
Double coat with short- to medium-length
smooth or rough outer coat and short
dense undercoat.
Life Span