Swedish Vallhund
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Original source: Swedish Vallhund doing dog agility. This is Osafin Blaze to Glory (call name Blaze), owned by Ivy and Dan Underdahl. Taken by Elf | Talk August 7, 2004, Prunedale, CA.

The Swedish vallhund is a breed of dog. It is believed that the Swedish vallhund distinguished itself during the age of Vikings more than 1 000 years ago. Known as the Viking dog the vallhund were bred to herd cattle catch vermin and guard the home. The vallhund were also referred to as the little cattle dog of the Vikings.

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* Swedish Vallhund Training * | Temperament * | Health * | Origin * | Maintenance * | Ideal Environment * | Photos Swedish Vallhund Information = 2
(Vastgotaspets) History = The Swedish Vallhund or Vastgotaspets is an ancient spitz breed dating back to the 8th century. Also known as the Viking Cattle Dog (Vikinggarnas dog).3
/ Västgötaspets adult swedish vallhund dog adult Swedish Vallhund adult swedish vallhund dog adult swedish vallhund dog height of a swedish vallhund dog group: spitz / northern / herding height: m 13" / 33 cm, f 12.4
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= From The Pet Wiki Jump to: navigation, search Swedish Vallhund Vital Statistics: Place of Origin: Sweden Group: Herding Height: 11-13 in. Weight: 20-35 lbs. Life span: 12-15 yrs.6
= Swedish Vallhund Pedigree Points Recognized: ANKC, FCI, KC (GB), KUSA Height: Dog: 13-137
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Ausled & Kloval Kennels Kennels, Working Together To Keep The Norsled Standard Of Excellence Alive In Australia The Ausled and Kloval Swedish Vallhunds welcome one and all! This website is designed to offer our viewers all the information on 10
By Jacqui Bayliss, breed specialist Successful breeder and exhibitor Breed historian and international judge of almost thirty years.11
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Dog Breed Center - Dog Breeds A-Z | Large Dogs | Small Dogs | Medium Sized Dogs Swedish Vallhund - Overview and History = Swedish Vallhund Dog Breeds The Swedish Vallhund, at one time known as the Vikingarnas Dog and also called the Svensk Vallhund, the Vastgotaspet, the Swedish Cattle Dog, the Swedish Herder Spitz, the Vasgota-Spitz, the 13
Origin & Purpose The Swedish Vallhund is considered to be one of the genuine Swedish breeds even if it is not quite clear how it is related 14
Pictures of Swedish Vallhund Overview = A great sense of humor and presence, the Swedish Vallhund is sure to liven up your life.15
SITES AROUND THE WORLD AS POSSIBLE! SV Shows & Pics Power Point Presentation and other downloads for Caval kennel If interested in an SV, Please call 231-5471139. Cheryl will get messages and respond.16
Swedish Vallhund = doggenix | September 21, 2011 | 0 Comments Swedish Vallhund - Origin & Purpose The Swedish Vallhund is considered to be one of the genuine Swedish breeds even if it is not quite clear how it is related 17
Swedish Vallhund = Swedish Vallhund The Swedish vallhund is a breed of dog. It is believed that the Swedish vallhund distinguished itself during the age of Vikings, more than 1,000 years ago.18
Swedish Vallhund Breed Information Sometimes known as the Swedish Cattle Dog = Swedish Vallhund Snapshot Low High Size 19
Swedish Vallhund Presents & Gifts = Here's your spot for Swedish Vallhund gifts. Whether you want Swedish Vallhund t-shirts, bumper stickers or posters, we have a big collection of unique gifts to pick from.20
The Swedish Vallhund is a very old Spitz-type breed known since the time of the Vikings.21
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breed information below! On this page you will find a range of information designed to assist you when making the decision on whether Swedish Vallhund puppies are 24
CLUB OF AMERICA STANDARD OF THE BREED Ratified by the Membership, 10/18/2004 25
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Fact Center = « Back To Swedish Vallhund Breed Center - Swedish Vallhund History of Swedish Vallhund Little is known of the Swedish Vallhund’s early history, but the breed may have been around since Viking times, when it was known as 28
Friends From All Over the World You can have your Swedish Vallhund's picture placed here. Just send a photo to me by email in jpg or gif format....29
Links - * Breed Standard * Colors and Markings * Did You Know? * History * Photos * Puppies * Breed Contacts - * National Breed Club * Breeder Referral * Breeder Classifieds * Breed Rescue Swedish Vallhund History = In Sweden, it is believed that the Swedish Vallhund is indigenous to that country and goes back more than 1000 years to the days of the Vikings.30
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» Swedish Vallhund Swedish Vallhund Swedish Vallhund Sponsored Links: The Swedish Vallhund is a breed of dog. It is believed that the Swedish Vallhund (SV) goes back to the age of Vikings, more than 1000 years ago.38
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Meet Cheryl's Dog, Owen! Caval Tor Gaelen Vastgota Rudolf Valentino, 1996 Caval Tor Taliesen Vastgota Rudolf Valentino, young Caval's Herr Owen (at 11 months of age) Owen is the son of Lex, Starvon40
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to rescue in your area. Search Swedish Vallhunds by size, color, gender and age.42
tumbleupon Mixx it! Email icon Swedish Vallhund = The Swedish Vallhund is an enthusiastic herding breed that requires plenty of exercise.43
wedish Vallhund ADDITIONAL SWEDISH VALLHUND PICTURES Family: Spitz Breed Group: Hearding Origin: Sweden Date of Origin: Ancient, from the time of the Vikings Originally used for: Herding, droving, farm work Used today: Herding, farm work, watchdog, companion Other Name(s): 44
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- * ECA Electrical Contractor * Blog * Contact Swedish Vallhunds Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk = swedish vallhund The Swedish Vallund is a great dog which has been recently introduced to the UK.46
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Vallhund running out of a dog agility tunnel