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Original source: Picture of Nordic Spitz ("norrbottenspets" in swedish and "pohjanpystykorva" in finnish) Name of dog: "Pakkasrustan Milla" Author: Kaisa Kotajärvi (
Author: : Kaisa Kotajärvi (

The Norbottenspets is a breed of dog of the spitz type. It is an ancient breed whose original purpose was a farm and hunting dog but has recently became more popular as a companion dog. The Norrbottenspets is used to hunt black grouse capercaillie and hazel grouse but is also effective with mammals as large as moose and grizzly bear.

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Norrbottenspets the ancient breed of dog that originates from Sweden is also known as the Nordic Spitz and the Pohjanpystykorva.2
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276 Welcome page Norrbottenspets, Norbottenspitz FCI-Group: 5-2 Nordic Hunting Dogs FCI-Number: 276 AKC: KC: Nor Norrbottenspets Country of Origin: Sweden rare Prevalence USA: Prevalence GB: Prevalence D, A, CH: very rare Prevalence France: Prevalence Spain: 6
= Fra Wikipedia, den frie encyklopedi Gå til: navigasjon, søk Norrbottenspets Nordisk spets, norrbottens fågelhund, hushund Norrbottenspets Hundetype Spisshund Opprinnelse Sverige Egenskaper Brukshund/familiehund Forventet livsløp 10–14 Størrelse Liten Passer for Alle, aktive Anerkjennelser FCI Gr. 5 sek.7
An adult male Norrbottenspets dog This ancient breed of dog is from the spitz family.8
Norrbottenspets = STANDAARD: NORRBOTTENSPETS Land van oorsprong: ZWEDEN ALGEHELE VERSCHIJNING: Kleine, vierkante spitshond, stevig gebouwd met droge, krachtige spieren. De hond moet zeer goed gebouwd zijn, het hoofd hoog en onbevreesd gedragen. De hond moet buiten- gewoon beweeglijk zijn.9
Norrbottenspets Norrbottenspets The Norbottenspets is a breed of dog of the spitz type.10
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but it is also known as a Norrbottenspitz.14
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is a smart, clean, good-natured, child-friendly dog with a 5,000-year-old pedigree. Never heard of it? You're not alone.18
is een jachthond afkomstig uit Zweden, merendeels uit de grensstreek met Finland.19
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en används idag precis som den finska spetsen främst som skällande fågelhund, där hunden ställer fågel i ett träd med så kallat ståndskall.30
() = the photos have been kindly offered to us from Rebecca Boyle FCI-Standard N° 276 / 01.10.1997 / GB TRANSLATION : Brought up to date by Dr. Paschoud.31
// Brittiany Spaniel Personality: She is the excact opposite of her unknown brother, Jeremy, and loves to adventure and get into trouble.32
The UKC does not have an official breed standard.
Group 2 - Hounds
Alternate name
Nordic Spitz
Northern Breeds
'akc fss breed'