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The Briard is a large breed of dog one of many herding breeds. The Briard has been known for some centuries. Charlemagne Napoleon Thomas Jefferson and Lafayette all owned Briards. This ancient sheep guard and herder has also been used by the French Army as a sentry messenger and to search for wounded soldiers because of its fine sense of hearing. They were used in the First World War almost to the point of extinction.

Briard = Briard The Briard is an ancient breed of large herding dog, originally from France. A Briard-type dog appears in Gaston Febus' Livre de chasse , written in the 14th century.1
Adrian, Michigan USA Our Current Briards: Cagni Angelique du Roi du Berger Damien Tresor de Brie Damien's Venture ZS Gambler Ante Up du Roi du Berger Lacy Elusive Lacy du Roi du Berger Our Past Briards: Darla Oh Darling du Roi du Berger Ellie Roi d'Berger's Je l'Lee Fozzie Fossebierre de Knollwood Jenna Glendrover's Gena de Brylin Marquise Marquise Fauve de la Chaume 2
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originate from the Brie region in France. Their ancestry dates as far back as over one thousand years. They were originally bred as a herding dog.8
Breed Profile = Personality Among the qualities of the Briard is that they are a farm worker, loves to herd, sensitive, playful, obedient, mind of their own, gentle, sweet, brave, loyal and fearless.9
* Working Ability and Temperament * Health * Getting A Briard - The Dialog - How It Usually Goes - Every Briard owner has heard it a thousand times: What an adorable dog! What kind is it? It's a Briard.10
The Briard is an ancient breed of France and for centuries has been sheep herding dog, guardian of flock and home, and all-around farm dog.12
and exclaim-“what a beautiful dog!!!” They may see one in a movie or meet one in their community and think-“what a terrific personality-what a character!!!” They may 13
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tumbleupon Mixx it! Email icon Briard = The Briard is a brave and powerful breed that is devoted and highly intelligent.16
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Briard = Briard Weight: The Briard can be any of several different solid colors or lighter colors with darker or light ears and face.18
The start of the adventure with our first Briard and “Star of the Show” - Sally - Debsbrie Elite.19
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Products! - He is so shaggy. People are amazed when he gets up and they suddenly realize they have been talking to the wrong end.21
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= bri·ard - noun \brē-ˈär(d)\ Definition of BRIARD - : any of an old French breed of large long-coated sheepdogs Origin of BRIARD - French, from 23
Club of America Briard Rescue Adoption - Briards who end up in rescue are there through no fault of their own.24

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= Briard (brēärd') , breed of muscular, wiry working dog whose origins may be traced back to 12th-century France. It stands from 22 to 27 in. (55.9–68.26
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= The Briard (pronounced /briːɑrd/) is an ancient breed of large herding dog, originally from France.31
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How to Groom a Briard = The Briard is a herding dog of French origin. They are very useful to farmers or people who need to herd large numbers of animals.33
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(born 1917, as Jascha Brojdo in the Ukraine - died July 30, 2005) was a noted, award winning designer in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.35
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Dog "Shepherd Dog of Brie" - photoDog breed info Briard Berger de Brie Weight, Male 75 — 100 lbs Weight, Female 50 37
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- - History To understand the Briard as a herding dog, it is important to understand a little bit about the development of herding breeds in general.41
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briard dog Briard briard dog photo of briard dog film of briard dog breed Briard Dog movie height of a briard dog group: herding height: 21-27", 53.68.45
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