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The Blue Lacy or Lacy Dog is a breed of working dog that originated in Texas in the mid-19th century the only dog breed to have originated in that state. The Lacy was first recognized in 2001 by the Texas Senate. In Senate Resolution No. 436 the 77th Legislature honored the Lacy as a true Texas breed. In June 2005 Governor Rick Perry signed the legislation adopting the blue Lacy as the official State Dog Breed of Texas.

By hou_paulMarch 16th, 2007 @ 4:47 PM Shopping I would like to know where in Houston I can pick up a Blue Lacy puppy.1
~ We are members of the American Blue Lacy Association and support their efforts on behalf of those of us who want to do more with our dogs.2
- spaceNamed for his color and breeder, the gun metal blue 45 pound greyhound-Catahoula relative is fearless and effective as a herding dog.3
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is said to be descended from the Greyhound and Scent Hounds.5
, known as the State Dog of Texas, was bred in the Texas Hill Country during the 1800s to be the ultimate all around dog.6
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Guest what is the price range for a texas blue lacy puppy? = I'm just wanting to know what to look at spending to buy a registered 10
We came together as a group to preserve and protect the legacy of the Blue Lacy working dog as its original founders began in the 1800s.11
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= Introduction Blue Lacy is an active and intelligent medium-sized working dog that was originally developed as a herding dog.13
have been developed for generations to meet the standards of professional Texas ranchers and hunters.14
Dogs = The Texas Blue Lacy is a true Texan - it loves open spaces and dust in the nose.15
Creative! Our aim is to provide the highest quality in design in an effort to help our clients achieve their goals.16
)? = 73rate or flag By TrueBlueLacys The intense stare of a Blue Lacy before turning out for a hunt. Photo by Julie Neumann, all rights reserved.17
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'sThis is a featured page = Face of Blue LacyBlue Lacy's - Dogs & Dog Rescue Blue Lacy Dog Help us start picture collages of 19
is an energetic and intensely alert breed of working dogs from Texas. Read on to know all the facts related to the Blue Lacy dog breed.20
? = i know my name is Lacie but i heard about a dog called a Blue Lacy and i was wondering if anyone had any links on this dog? ive never seen 21
? - anyone here in south eastern have these breed Blue Lacy? Ive been looking for one and cant find none around.22
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? = July 7, 2009 in About the Breed | Tags: blue lacy, genetics, history, lacy dog, name, national lacy dog association The correct name for the breed is a Lacy Dog, 24
"" result 5Next Click to show "Blue Lacy" result 6Gunner, the Blue Lacy as a young pup Click to show "Blue Lacy" result 7Gunner, the Blue Lacy all grown up Click to show "Blue Lacy" result 8Next Click to show "Blue Lacy" result 9Jagdterrier Click to show "Blue Lacy" result 10Gunner, the Blue Lacy all grown up Click to show "Blue Lacy" result 11Next Click to show "Blue Lacy" result 12Texas Blue Lacy Game Dog Click to show "Blue Lacy" result 13"This is Lola a one year old Texas Blue Lacy filled with personality and spunk. She's a very unique ...25
dog, born in Texas.A 53-day-old, male, Blue Lacy puppy was presented to a veterinary clinic in Leduc, Alberta, with a 2-day history of vomiting and lethargy.26
Dog = Add to Phobia Filter Contribute Print Listen Blue Lacy Dog Blue Lacy Dog Blue Lacy Dog Blue Lacy Dog The Blue Lacy dog is a breed of working dog that originated in Texas in the mid 1800s,and they are the only dog breed to have originated in that state.27
Written by: Marlo Riley Blue Lacy dogs are used all over the USA for tracking wounded game, search & rescue work and more. They were bred to have a great nose, strong prey drive, and intelligence.28
= Discuss blue lacy on the I-Love-Dogs 'Dog Breeder Chat' forum. I-Love-Dogs is the place to discuss blue lacyI am looking for a blue lacy pup.29
Dog Breed = All About the Texas Blue - Lin AndriyenkoLin Andriyenko, Yahoo! Contributor Network Mar 4, 2011 "Share your voice on Yahoo! websites. Start Here.30
`s Welcome to Jesse James Catahoulas & Blue Lacy`s, where we strive to produce some of the best working hog and all around dogs.31
is a working dog known for it's incredible tracking and herding abilities. The #1 dog used by U.S. trappers. We raise beautiful Blue Lacys in Nevada.32
= Saturday, March 24, 2012 - Blue Lacy in Blue Bonnets When he's outside, Claude doesn't usually stop moving around long enough for me to get a decent picture of him.34
owners that are incredibly happy with their puppy. I do my very best to match temperaments and skills to the right homes.35
Info Photos Forum Our Lacy Dogs Puppies Application Links Welcome to MSLacyDog.36
)? * What is a Lacy Dog (aka Blue Lacy)? * What is a Lacy Dog (aka Blue Lacy)? 67TrueBlueLacys profile imageTrueBlueLacysFrom Texas1 HubsJoined 2 37
Dog Breed information No Blue Lacy photos currently available Blue Lacy breeders - feature your kennels here! The Blue Lacy is a breed of dog that originated 38
= February 4, 2009 in Caring For Your Lacy | Tags: alopecia, blue dogs, blue lacy, blue lacy breeder, blue lacy puppy, color dilution alopecia, dog breeding, hair loss, health 39
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muzzle-Wire Basket Dog Muzzles Size Char Please Choose: Size (1)Snout Length: (see sizing diagram) (2)Circumference around snout:(see sizing diagram) (3)Eye Line (from eyes to right behind ears):(see sizing diagram) (4)Neck Circumference:(see sizing diagram) (5)Snout Width:(see sizing diagram) (6)Snout Height:(see sizing diagram) Age: Breed: Blue Lacy muzzle - Please measure your dogs snout (scroll down for sizing chart)! - dog muzzle How to measure your dogs snout: Length - measure your dog from his eyes to the tip 42
puppies without the papers? = I'm trying to find a Blue Lacy puppy! But I don't want to show it, so therefore I don't need champion bloodline.43
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dogs in australia? = i know it may seem stupid and maybe i havent done much research, but this was easier :) so yeah, 45
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