The Basenji is a breed of hunting dog that was bred from stock originating in central Africa. Most of the major kennel clubs in the English-speaking world place the breed in the Hound Group; more specifically it may be classified as belonging to the sighthound type. The Fédération Cynologique Internationale places the breed in Group 5 Spitz and Primitive types and the United Kennel Club (US) places the breed in the Sighthound & Pariah Group.

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Questions About Basenjis? Click Here for the Forum! BasenjiDescription: The Basenji is one of the most ancient breeds dating back to the pharaohs.4
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Basenji General Other Names Lagos Bush Dogs or Congo Terriers Dog Group Kennel Club Hound Breed Classification Basenjis belong to the hound group and are used as companions and seen in the show-ring.11
Basenji PDF Print E-mail * * * * * * * * * * Rate Your Dogs Breed Your Breeds Trait Basenji Activity level - indoors High outdoors Very High Basenji Obedience - ease of training Average ease of housebreaking High Basenji Dominance - towards owner or family High 12
Basenji © American Kennel Club Area of Origin: Central Africa Size: Height: medium male: 17 inches female: 16 inches 13
Basenji Breed Information = Search Breeds Basenji Links Add your Basenji Submit Basenji Info Meet Our Basenjis View Basenji 14
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Dogs Basenji Basenji Breeders Showcase dog breeders Finding a purebred Basenji is easy.18
My uncle and Pooch, his Basenji, circa 1949 I had always been a "cat person" until my husband began working unusual hours, frequently at night.19
The Basenji is a small, short-haired African hunting dog easily identifiable by his tightly curled tail, wrinkled brow and proud, graceful carriage.20
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Basics * History of the Basenji * Basenji Pictures * Dog Forums Basenji = The Basenji is also known as: 23
Buyers GuideBasenji & Dog ClubsBasenji BreedersBasenji Art $ StuffBasenji Owners From Around the WorldBasenji camGeneral Dog InformationLegal Stuff The Basenji is a small hunting dog from Africa.24

Calendars! - His name is not wild dog anymore, but the first friend, because he will be our friend for always and always and always.25
Companions: The Club Devoted to Pet Basenjis Click the Basenji for a FREE Newsletter This web site, sponsored by the Basenji Companions' club, is full of information 26
dog breed face The Basenji is arguably one of the most unique dog breeds out there. The breed is very clean, basically odorless, and grooms itself.27
DOG STATS = Country of Origin: Zaire Group: Hound Use today: Lure coursing Life Span: 12 to 14 years 28
Dogs = Basenjis may have an illustrious hunting pedigree, but they can get very comfortable at home. In fact, Basenjis will sometimes sleep the day away.29
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has had to be an independent thinker to survive. Therefore, they do not see the need to obey humans.32
Pedigree Search = An Internet service provided by Zande Basenjis - It only takes a few simple steps to display your Basenji pedigree.33
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type, and was almost as common as today's "laddy" or "pal." Experience an Ankhu Basenji Gracie's puppies were born on November 29, 2011.37
yodel? Have you seen them wrestle? Are you thinking about getting a Basenji? Come and join us to share in the joys of being Basenji owners, and some of the pains.38
! - The Basenji, also known as the Congo dog, is a primitive breed known for its ability to make a variety of sounds, except for normal barking.39
? Betsy Polglase, Massachusetts Disposition Typically, Basenjis adore people. Occasionally, one can appear to be aloof upon first meeting.40
? He is one of the oldest natural breeds of dog in existence today.41
Basenji Image = Basenji Dog Store BREED HISTORY The Basenji resembles those dogs depicted in tomb paintings from ancient Egypt, and has primitive characteristics, such as a tendency to howl rather than bark, that seem to show it is an ancient 42
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Welcome! Basenji breeding since 1986 - Vuolasvirta award 1996 New Sternhimmels puppies were born 2nd January 2011, three boys and three girls! Contact information Anneli Pukkila Saariseläntie 2 A 12 FI-00970 Helsinki 44
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are barkless dogs, but that does not mean they cannot vocalize. Lucy will yodel or even howl when she wants our attention.46
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tumbleupon Mixx it! Email icon Basenji = The Basenji is a nimble and intelligent breed that requires minimal grooming but plenty of exercise.48
Group 4
Group 2 - Hounds
Alternate name
African Barkless Dog
African Bush Dog
Ango Angari
Congo Dog
Zande Dog
Group 3 - Sighthounds and Pariahs
Image Caption
A red basenji with white markings