American Water Spaniel
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The American Water Spaniel is a gundog little known outside North America. This breed is known for its superior sense of smell and friendly disposition. The AWS is equally adept at retrieving waterfowl flushing game and being a companion animal.

These dogs are of medium size and easy to care for. They are a healthy breed with some care for coat if hunting as they will get burrs.1
= The American Water Spaniel originated in the American Midwest. Its probable ancestors are the Irish Water Spaniel and Curly-coated retriever.2
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! - The American Water Spaniel, currently recognized as the state dog of Wisconsin, first enjoyed popularity as an exemplary hunting companion in the midwestern regions of the US.4
Breed Profile = Breed Profile Pictures Puppies for Sale The American Water Spaniel - American Water Spaniel 5
- Purebred Dogs and Puppies - A member of the AKC Sporting group, The American Water Spaniel has a friendly, eager to please attitude that can fit in well with many families.6
T-Shirts American Water Spaniel Shirts & T Shirts = Choose from the largest collection of American Water Spaniel T-shirts.7
- June 5, 2009 by huntingdogtraining The American Water Spaniel is a type of Spaniel that is used to hunt birds and other small game by flushing them out.8
American Water Spaniel Breed Information = in depth information breeders in your area Description: American Water Spaniels have tight curly coats.9
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- click to see animal symbols for 50 states Photo of American water spaniels by Norm and Mary Kangas on Flickr (use permitted with attribution) American Water Spaniel The 12
= From Academic Kids Click Here American Water Spaniel Country of origin United States Classification FCI: Group 8 Section 3 AKC: Sporting 13
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= Posted by egrejeen ⋅ February 20, 2012 ⋅ Leave a Comment Filed Under American Water Spaniel American Water Spaniel is a breed of sporting dog developed in the United States, principally in the Midwest, and recognized by the 18
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Origin: USA American Water Spaniel General Appearance: The American Water Spaniel was developed in the United States as an all-around hunting dog, bred to retrieve from skiff 23
- American Water Spaniel Breed Group: Gundog Weight: 25–45 pounds (11–20 kg) Height: 15–18 inches (38–46 cm) Color(s): Liver, Brown, or Chocolate 24
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American Water Spaniel = American Water Spaniel The American Water Spaniel, (often abbreviated to AWS), is a breed of spaniel which is one 26
Pictures of American Water Spaniel Overview = The American Water Spaniel is most commonly referred to as AWS.27
Dog Breed Dog Breed Center - Dog Breeds A-Z | Large Dogs | Small Dogs | Medium Sized Dogs American Water Spaniel - History and Health = American Water Spaniel Dog Breeds Introduction - History and Health of the American 28
= The disorders listed in the first 3 categories below are believed to have an inherited basis, or are known to have a predilection for this breed ("breed predisposition").29
- Chapter 22:37 Watch Later Error The American Water Spaniel - Chapter 2by DogDotComVideos 88 views * My American Water Spaniel Lily retrieving a Canada goose0:43 Watch 30
History, Breed Standards, Grooming, Health Issues and More American Water Spaniel From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia American Water Spaniel Country of origin United States Classification and breed standards 31
General Description - - (Amerikanischer Wasserspaniel) The American Water Spaniel is an active dog that has a muscular, hardy build.32
: Breed Characteristics American Water Spaniel: Breed Characteristics = Dec 7th, 2011 by Rena Sherwood The official State Dog of Wisconsin, the American water spaniel can be 33
Prints = American Water Spaniel Art, collection of American Water Spaniel prints and pictures both antique and modern The prints on this page will be of interest if you 34
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Fact Center = « Back To American Water Spaniel Breed Center - American Water Spaniel History of American Water Spaniel A true Midwesterner, the American Water Spaniel first appeared 36
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= American Water Spaniel Image BREED HISTORY The origin of the American Water Spaniel has not been recorded.38
(AWS), a breed made up of equal parts of retriever and flushing spaniel.39
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How to Care for an American Water Spaniel = How to Care for an American Water Spaniel thumbnail American Water Spaniel The American Water Spaniel is 42
= American Water Spaniel Country of Origin: U.S.43
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American Water Spaniel = American Water SpanielThe American Water Spaniel is a gundog breed of dog little known outside North America.46
= * Like 4 * RSS * * * * Pin It Ranked #13,004 in Pets & Animals, #342,233 overall I Love American Water Spaniels! - The American Water Spaniel was developed in 47
enthusiasts working for the welfare of the breed. We foster American Water Spaniels in our own homes, complete evaluations and secure loving, forever homes for the dogs.48
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American Water Spaniel
tightly curled or wavy outer coat lined with a protective undercoat