Working terrier
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A working terrier is a small type of dog which pursues its quarry into the earth. According to the Oxford English Dictionary the name dates back to at least 1440 derived from early modern French (chien) terrier - from the medieval Latin terrarius from the Latin terra (earth).

of great versatility and has proven itself, without question, as a keen hunter and an extremely loving pet.1
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= 75rate or flag By perfumer The Old Working Terrier - The Old Working Terrier is one of the Terriers Breeds.3
= Frain, Sean; Middleton, Gary - 9780955238901 ISBN 10: 0955238900 / 0-9552389-0-0 ISBN 13: 9780955238901 Publisher: Publication Date: 2006 Binding: Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed: * 30 Day Return Policy * Bookseller Guarantee 4
= There can hardly have been a time since the period of the Norman Conquest when the small earth dogs which we now call terriers were not known in 5
breeds and discusses how to care for and use these terriers for pest control. It covers breeding and showing and explains the versatility of each breed.6
is being sought. Conformation Conformation classes are judged much like any other dog show.7
Show follows the Show of Foxhounds for Lakeland, Border and Jack Russells. All entries for this Terrier Classes must be registered with one of the fell packs.8
& Lurcher - The Ashford Valley Hunt is holding its 7th annual Working Terrier and Lurcher Show on Easter Sunday, April 16th.9
A Working Terrier Report This Description This is Rhett, my Norwich Terrier. He loves the John Deere.10
and Lurcher show Mell won Bedlington Bitch Hello BloggersTo day was Murton, Co. Durham Working Terrier & Lurcher Show.11
Association Check back often for updates! Below is the form to use to request to host a den trial.12
can be traced back almost a century to the dogs of Fred Barker.13
Club = Category: Pets Pet Services Pet Boarding/Pet Sitting Pet Boarding/Pet Sitting 1000 Kirsey Rd Calera, OK 74730 (580) 434-4829 Add Photos Edit Business Info Work Here? Unlock This Business Page Send to Friend Bookmark Send to Phone Write a Review Is this your business? Claim your business page and access your free 14
Club Home Application for a Single Dog Whole litter Application 1.15
Club South Wales, Heol Y Cyw Rugby Club, Heol Y Cyw, Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan, CF35 6LA Sun 20th June 2010 - Plummer Terrier Association Show, Woodend Farm, Highley Shropshire - WV16 6HY.17
Club was founded in 1984.18
Clubs National Terrier Website National Federation of Working Terriers Defra Tail Docking Information & Regulations Fell & Moorland East Midlands 19
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Federation - Shropshire Gamefair Lurcher World – Details to follow Welsh Valleys Working Terrier and Lurcher Club Championship, Gelligaer Heart of Wales Championship – Penmaenau 21
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known as the Jack Russell * To write and apply a breed standard * To oppose influence by any organization or persons whose actions may result in practices considered to be detrimental to the Jack Russell Terrier and 24
pup? = Introduce to caged rat @ 8-10 weeks? Take along w/experienced dogs AFTER it's teeth are in? Tag-along earlier & tie it back? * 5 years ago 25
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shows and this can only benefit the development of the dog.27
shows, still just an idea yet :)Running terriers is like a box of chocs..28
to a variety of quarry including red and grey fox, raccoon and woodchuck.29
was mainly ratting and although now more likely to be found as a house dog than a working terrier can still acquit himself well.30
Year Book: A Box Full of Jewels The compilation volume entitled The Working Terrier Year Book, 1987-1991 is a box of small jewels, and a good read for the dedicated 31
you can think of? = i would like to know of the largest terrier you can think of that is still used to hunt prey .32
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, Dogo Argentino, Hunting Dog, Jagdterrier, Terrier, Retriever, Hunting Dog, Gun Dog Cover may not depict edition offered for sale Search Results - Hunting Dogs: Hound, Spaniel, Working Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Hunting Dog, Jagdterrier, Terrier, Retriever, Hunting Dog, Gun 34
, Fell Terrier, Lakie, Patterdale Terrier Observed Weight: 12-24 lbs Show Weight: 15-17 lbs Mixed Breed DNA Identification Test - Find Out More * Establish your Dog's Breed Makeup * Database of over 185 Breeds 35
Boys Girls Pups Equipment Links Contact Us Working Terrier Code of Conduct * Working Certificates 1.36
The Patterdale Terrier Club Of America was introduced in 1993 for the sole purpose of preserving this unique breed.37
Title Relevancy100% Meta Description:Working Terriers: Jack Russell Terriers, Patterdale Terriers, Fell Terriers, Border Terriers, and all other working terrier breeds regardless of registry. Description Relevancy:73% relevant.38
’ - Jack Russell Terrier – Noble breed dog - PostAuthorIcon Author: monica Jack Russell Sophie Jack Russell Terrier Noble breed dog Jack Russel Terrier:Â Strong, full of energy dog, Â active, mobile 39