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The Wire Fox Terrier is a breed of dog one of many terrier breeds. It is an instantly recognizable fox terrier breed. Although it bears a resemblance to the Smooth Fox Terrier they are believed to have been developed separately.

= Tweet The Wire Fox Terrier is a breed of dog, one of many terrier breeds. It is an instantly recognizable fox terrier breed.1
wire fox terrier - The Wire-Haired Fox Terrier was developed in England by fox hunting enthusiasts and is believed descended from a now-extinct rough-coated, black-and-tan working terrier of Wales, Derbyshire, and Durham.2
Puppies, Wire Fox Terrier Breeders, Wire Fox Terriers For Sale, Wire Fox Terriers = Learn about your this breed of dog with our extensive breed profile.3
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Rescue Midwest is an independent Rescue comprised entirely of volunteers who sacrifice a tremendous amount of time, trouble and tears for Rescue and receive no monetary compensation 9
! - The Wire Fox Terrier has an almost flat skull, sloping slightly and decreasing in width toward the eyes.10
= Wire Fox Terrier Pedigree Points Recognized: AKC, ANKC, CKC, FCI, KC (GB), KUSA Height: Dog: 1511
View our Advertiser Listing The Wire Fox Terrier = Breed Feature Photo - Unauthorised use prohibited! Unauthorised use of photo prohibited Our Breed Feature Photo (?) Champion Yiriwyre Dressd Toimpress Owned by JR & DM Collins View more profiles 12
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tumbleupon Mixx it! Email icon Wire Fox Terrier = The Wire Fox Terrier is a highly alert breed.14
Dog Breed Center - Dog Breeds A-Z | Large Dogs | Small Dogs | Medium Sized Dogs Wire Fox Terrier - Overview and History = Wire Fox Terrier Dog Breeds The Wire Fox Terrier, also known at times as the Wire-haired Fox Terrier, the Broken-haired Fox Terrier and most affectionately as “the gentleman of the terrier world,” is an old English breed that 15
sounded just like this! I didn't realize that most of them have very deep voices...16
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The wire fox terrier was developed in England by fox hunting enthusiasts and is believed descended from a now-extinct rough-coated, black-and-tan working terrier of Wales, Derbyshire, and Durham.18
- Dog Pictures * Home * Dog Facts * Dog Breeding * Dog Training * Dog Pictures * Dog Diet * Dog Grooming * Dog Names Wire Fox Terrier - - Wire Fox Terrier - Dog Pictures The Wire Fox Terrier is one of many terrier breeds. This dog is instantly recognizable as a fox terrier breed.19
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• Welsh Terriers • Lakeland Terriers • Puppies • Pampered Pets • Male verses Female • Rights & Responsibilities • Links Wire Fox Terrier Information = At present there is no agreement on the actual date of origin of the Wire Fox Terrier.21
2010 Wall Calendar Wire Fox Terriers 2010 Wall Calendar Wire Fox Terrier Klepto Advertise Your Kennel With Us Other Names Wirehaired Fox Terrier Origin Great Britian, 1800s. Possibly descended from the now extinct wire-haired terrier.22
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Association runs its own Welfare and Re-homing Scheme which deals exclusively with Wires who, for one reason or another, find themselves looking for a new home.24

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do not have to be stripped Why do I insist on the following fact: Wire Fox Terriers DO NOT HAVE TO BE STRIPPED.27
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Information = Breed Wire Fox Terrier Alternative names Fox Terrier Wire Coat Wire Wire Fox Terrier 31
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- wire-fox-terrier-001The Wire Fox Terrier was developed by fox hunters in England. They were one of many breeds probably descended from the Black and Tan terrier found throughout England and Wales.33
= Wire Fox Terrier from England Photo with thanks to Yvonne Murgatroyd Wire Fox Terrier Breeders & Puppies For Sale If your a Wire Fox Terrier breeder and have Wire Fox Terrier puppies for sale, send us your details for free and we will add 34
This is a featured page = Wirehaired Fox Terrier - wikiFido-Dog Breeds, Rescues Make a page for your wire haired fox terrier.35
Picture Name See pedigree and pictures ROU & ARG CH Saredon Play Writer Arg. Parag. Ch.36
WIRE FOX TERRIER = Head profile of a wire-haired fox terrier dog.37
Adopt a Wire Fox Terrier = Wire Fox Terrier Dog Breed Picture: Yann Arthus-Bertrand/Corbis Comment on the Wire Fox Terrier Family: terrier Area of origin: England Original function: vermin hunting, 38
Our Kennel Practices! 5/1/2010 Two different litters in one kennel (they are a week apart in age) born 3/3/10 & 3/10/10 At Desert Skies Kennel, we are in-home Wire Fox Terrier Breeders.39
is a member of the terrier group, The breed was originally used for locating the position of foxes in their tunnels, killing vermin and hunting rabbits.40
1937 Lucy Dawson Vintage... Wire Fox Terrier 1937 Lucy Dawson Vintage... $15.00 See suggestions * Wire Fox Terrier "B" - Lucy Dawson Dog Pri...41
= Aliases: Fox Terrier Wire Coat, Wire, Wire Haired Fox Terrier, Foxie - InformationFor SaleArticlesForum All Articles Wire Fox Terrier Articles The Wire Fox Terrier: Exercise and Nutritional Needs = Filed under Dogs You must be 42
Dog Breed Wire Fox Terrier Dog Breed - Wire Fox Terrier Dog Breed Picture Our Wire Fox Terrier dog breed information profile includes characteristics, traits, Wire Fox Terrier personality and temperament, lifespan, suitability for children, exercise needs, training, health problems and much more.43
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, and a Belgian Malinios = Friday, December 23, 2011 - Merry Christmas to all doggies and hoomans Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us, Katie, Zorra, Sam and Rowdy! Oh, and Mother, too. Barked by COL. Sam ASTA-fari Joe H.45
Wire Fox Terrier = Wire Haired Fox TerrierKelly RoperBy Kelly RoperDog Breeder and Exhibitor The Wire Fox Terrier was once a formidable vermin hunter. Today, the breed is primarily used for companion dogs that make life interesting for all who know and love them.46
Wire Fox Terrier = History/Origin The origin of Fox Terrriers can be said to be similar to other breeds of dogs, but different to other kinds of terriers.47
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