West Siberian Laika

The West Siberian Laika also Zapadno-Sibirskaïa Laïka' or WSL is a breed of hunting dog developed by the indigenous people of Northern Ural and West Siberia. They used Laikas mostly for treeing squirrels and hunting small predators with valuable fur. Communism in Russia destroyed the traditional way of life of these people and brought them and their hunting dogs to the brink of extinction. Industrialization in Siberia introduced many new breeds of dogs to this region.

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0001 West Siberian Laika Silver and white West Siberian Laika adult female dog This pretty dog is known also like Zapadno-Sibirska?a La?ka’ or West Siberian Laika.2
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(Dog standard) = West siberian laika is a medium size; strong and clean constitution; bone structure well developed but neither massive or nor coarse; muscles strong and well developed.4
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is a very versatile hunting dog, and it can be used to hunt all kinds of game that exist in northeastern europe.12
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‘’ Category - West Siberian Laika-strong and massive breed dog - PostAuthorIcon Author: monica 0401170815 West Siberian Laika strong and massive breed dog Behaviour and temperament of West Siberian Laika:Balanced, alive.14
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is not a wolf dog. The theory that our dogs are descendants of wolves is strongly being questioned.18
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is a hunting dog bred for hunting small vermin and rodents. The WSL is considerably larger than a properly bred Siberian Husky.20
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The West Siberian Laika- WSL- is a hunting breed developed by the indigenous people of Northern Ural and West Siberia.24
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breed in the United States. The West Siberian Laika breed is one of the most outstanding breeds for hunting.36
East Siberian Laika - Laiki are Spitz dogs, an ancient type of dog which is very characteristic for the entire Northern hemisphere. In all Northern countries you can find several regional variances of Spitz-like dogs.37
- UKC Registered Hunt squirrel, coon , small farm protection dogs - extremely intelligent!! Loyal!! Located in the Southern Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina 38
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, which is a breed that has been used through history for treeing small game.40
is an ancient hunting breed originating from local dogs of the West and Central Siberie and Oeral.41
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Alternate name
Zapadno-Sibirskaïa Laïka
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A male West Siberian Laika