Welsh Springer Spaniel

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a breed of dog and a member of the spaniel family. Thought to be comparable to the old Land Spaniel they are similar to the English Springer Spaniel and historically have been referred to as both the Welsh Spaniel and the Welsh Cocker Spaniel. They were relatively unknown until a succession of victories in dog trials by the breed increased its popularity. Following recognition by The Kennel Club in 1902 the breed gained the modern name of Welsh Springer Spaniel.

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Questions About Welsh Springer Spaniels? Click Here for the Kennel.com Forum! Description: The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a medium sized, compact dog with a beautiful red and white silky coat.4
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- John Phillips, Chairman of the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club 1995 - 2000 and author of "The Essential Welsh Springer Spaniel" has kindly provided this updated history of the breed.6
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= Welsh Springer Spaniel AKC Name: Welsh Springer Spaniel Common Name(s): Welsh Spaniel, Welsh Cocker, Starter AKC Group: Sporting Observed Weight: 37-44 lbs Show Weight: 32-56 8
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= The Welsh Springer Spaniel, or Welshies as they are often known, are the redhead of the Spaniel world. They are a little known breed that looks very similar to the English Springer Spaniel, and are often mistaken for the latter.13
= Welsh springer spaniel - noun Definition of WELSH SPRINGER SPANIEL - : any of a breed of red and white relatively small-eared springer spaniels of Welsh origin See Welsh 14
= Welsh Springer Spaniel Pedigree Points Recognized: AKC, ANKC, CKC, FCI, KC (GB), KUSA Height: Dog: 18-19 in (45-48cm) Bitch: 17-18 in (42.15
>> Puppies for Sale View our Advertiser Listing Welsh Springer Spaniel Puppies For Sale = The following list contains : Welsh 16
breeders with a Welsh Springer Spaniel for sale. If no dog breeders in your area with a Welsh Springer Spaniel puppy for sale, See the Welsh Springer Spaniel rescue organizations for more info.17
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How to Identify a Welsh Springer Spaniel = How to Identify a Welsh Springer Spaniel thumbnail Identify a Welsh Springer Spaniel The Welsh Springer Spaniel has high rear drive, giving it smooth action and allowing it to move quite fast.19
puppies for sale Welsh Springer Spaniel = Welsh Springer Spaniel Group Gundog Origin Great Britain 20
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Welsh Springer Spaniel Breed Information = in depth information breeders in your area Description: Welsh Springer Spaniels are compact dogs with silky coats that fringe 23
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Breeders Bred for hunting rabbits, birds and other game in the undergrowth and getting them to run or fly.29
Club of American has a breeder referral on its Web site (www.wssca.30
Dog Breed Dog Breed Center - Dog Breeds A-Z | Large Dogs | Small Dogs | Medium Sized Dogs Welsh Springer Spaniel - History and Health = Welsh Springer Spaniel Dog Breeds Introduction - History and Health of the Welsh Springer Spaniel Dog Breed: The Welsh Springer Spaniel was developed in Wales around the 1500’s; the 31
Dogs = While the Welsh Springer Spaniel is considered more reserved than the English version, it is just as warm and loving.32
Information = Breed Welsh Springer Spaniel Alternative names Welsh Springer Welshie Height (male/female) 18-19 inches 33
Information Center. On these pages, you will find information about Welsh Springer Spaniels and responsible breeding.34
is a small spaniel with instinctive hunting abilities. The Welsh is a gun dog which is referred to in Wales as a “starter”.35
May Look Like A Brittany, But The Welshie Is Definitely Its Own Dog By M.J. Nelson Not many sporting breeds suffer from the kind of identity crisis that affects the Welsh springer spaniel.36
on the agility bars descriptive text Trainability Quite trainable, especially when following his instincts of hunting and birding.37
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Welsh Springer Spaniel Welsh Springer Spaniel = Breed group: Sporting Group dogs Other name(s): Welshie; Welsh Springer; Welsh Starter Country / place of origin: Wales History: According to the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club, "The red and white spaniel in Wales can only be traced to the 18th century.39
» Welsh Springer Spaniel Welsh Springer Spaniel Welsh Springer Spaniel Sponsored Links: Appearance: The build of the Welsh Springer Spaniel should be slightly off square, meaning that the length of the dog should be slightly greater than the height at the withers.40
! - The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a hardy sporting dog that is especially popular in Wales and Western England.41
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= Welshie Web - Information, Facts & Origins of the Welsh Springer Spaniel The Welsh Springer Spaniel originates from Wales, as the name suggests, and was bred originally for bird flushing and retrieving.45
Find: puppies, kittens, parrot, free Eg: SW10 0AD, UK, Surrey, Manchester Refine your results - Location Within miles 1 mile National Of Price Range (£) to Category * Welsh Springer Spaniels (x) 46
Welsh Springer Spaniel Belle - a film A montage of my Welshie, Belle. Please visit her tribute at mywelshgirlbelle.blogspot.47
Group 3
Sporting dogs
Alternate name
Welsh SpringerWelsh Cocker SpanielWelsh Starter
Gun Dog Breeds
Image Caption
A Welsh Springer Spaniel
Rich red and white only. Any pattern is acceptable and any white area may be flecked with red ticking.
Naturally straight flat and soft to the touch
never wiry or wavy