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The Stabyhoun or Stabij is a rare dog breed that just like the Wetterhoun originates from Friesland a province in the North of the Netherlands. The first part of the name is probably from the Dutch: sta me bij (stand by me). The last part is simply Frisian meaning dog which is pronounced hoon. There are only approximately 3500 Stabyhouns in existence today.

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height of a stabyhoun dog group: sporting height: m 20.87" / 53 cm f "19.69 / 50 cm types: weight: 44.09-55.5
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(also known as the Frisian or Frisian pointer) is a continental pointing dog that originates from the Netherlands. It's a pleasant family companion as well as an excellent working dog.7
(The Netherlands) = Main name of the breed:Frisian Pointing DogСтабихун close xСтабихун Alternative names of the breedStabyhounCountry of origin:NetherlandsTerritory:Europe Group FCI:Group 7: Pointing DogsSection FCI:Section 1 : Continental 8
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> Adoption / Rescue Organizations Stabyhoun Adoption / Rescue Organizations = The two primary types of adoption facilities for dogs are animal shelters and 11
Association American Stabyhoun Association Presents & Gifts = Here's your spot for American Stabyhoun Association gifts.12
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breed bitch and live in Espoo with Minna Järvenpää. Many people ask about us, as the breed is not so widely spread and known.14
Breed Clubs - from the Dansk Stabyhoun Klub joinus banner bar NATIONAL BREED CLUBS Ameri-Can Stabyhoun Association Marilene Luxton-Jones (802) 985-8223 Email INTERNATIONAL BREED CLUBS DENMARK 15
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Dog - 2011/10/04 | Author Shitzu Pup Stabyhoun Dog Stabyhoun Dog Stabyhoun Dog The Stabyhoun is a native of the Netherlands, and is accepted as a dog that can do it all, a fact that has made it an extremely democratic breed 18
Dog Breed - On June 17, 2011, In Dog Breeds, Sporting Stabyhoun Dog Breed Introduction: The Stabyhou (pronounced sta-BAY-hoon) also known as the Stabij, Beike or Frisian Pointer 19
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Dog Breeders Directory = Find purebred Stabyhoun puppies for sale from dog breeders in the Canada area.21
Dog Breeders Directory = Find purebred Stabyhoun puppies for sale from dog breeders in the Great Britain (UK) area.22
dog rescuse and breeders = { by Stacey cadman website & Stable loafer } - Stableford golf game rules - { Posted by Lew on June 19, 2008 } Today, next spaces nurture it their stabyhoun dog rescuse and breeders to determine to discovering villages larger than emerging full buyers.23

Dogs = The Stabyhoun is an extremely even-tempered dog who is a good companion for all family members.24
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Information = The Stabyhoun is a gundog that was found as early as 1800. In earlier times they were used for small game and birds.26
information in Finland f.e. the Stabyhoun breeders, clubs as well as enthusiasts.27
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puppies for sale from some of the top Stabyhoun breeders and personal Stabyhoun sellers.31
puppies for sale from some of the top Stabyhoun breeders.32
Puppies for Sale from private breeders of Stabyhouns in your area.33
Puppies for Sale from private Breeders of Stabyhouns in your area, Stabyhoun Breed Profile and photos of Stabyhoun Puppies - Puppies For Sale, Dogs For Sale 34
puppies Stabyhoun Puppies = We welcome you to view listings from private breeders for Stabyhoun puppies for new litters or adults dogs for sale. Purchasing a new puppy is a commitment that can bring many years of enjoyment.35
RescueThis is a featured page = Stabyhoun Rescue Resources Add links to local, state, or national organizations devoted to rescuing this breed: 36
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was mainly used as a hunting dog, mole catcher and watchdog. Description This intelligent, friendly, loving breed makes an excellent family pet.39
which they had brought from Holland.40
portalen kan 41
in Britain. I have emailed breeders in Denmark and Holland but they have not been able to help.42
! - Stabyhouns have some very typical characteristics, with their sleek coats on top of the list.43
This is a featured page = Make a page for your Stabyhoun. Share Stabyhoun rescue stories.44
() = We are collecting the material for being able to realize the card of the Stabyhound FCI-Standard N° 222 / 09. 01.45
() in the UK? = I have done my research and a Frisian Pointing Dog seems like the perfect dog for me! However I have not 46
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