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The sleuth hound -ˈsluːθhaʊnd- (from Old Norse 'slóð' - track or trail + 'hound') was a breed of dog. Broadly it was a Scottish term for what in England was called the bloodhound although it seems that there were slight differences between them. It was also referred to as a 'slough dog' (or 'slewe dogge') and a 'slow hound' the first word probably representing a mispronuciation of 'slough' rather than a reference to the speed of the hound.

Inn Mystery Solved Cutscene HD AQ Worlds: Sleuth Hound Inn Mystery Solved Cutscene HD * Order: Reorder * Duration: 1:49 * Published: 14 Jun 2009 * Updated: 09 Dec 2011 Author: AQRevolutionThis is the Cut Scene of the Sleuth Hound Inn Mystery after you solve it.1
Inn Mystery Solved Cutscene HD1:49 Watch Later Error AQ Worlds: Sleuth Hound Inn Mystery Solved Cutscene HDby AQRevolution 25,690 views * AQW SHORTS!5:46 Watch Later Error AQW SHORTS!by superterrificdude123 5,908 views * Loading 2

Inn's mystery on AQW. Sorry for the bad quality, this is my first video. And it's made only of screenshots because my screen recorder stoped working.3