Sabueso Español
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Original source: Foto propia, Club del Sabueso Español y Razas Afines
Author: Club del Sabueso Español y Razas Afines

The Sabueso español (Spanish Scenthound) is an scenthound breed with its origin in the far north of Iberian Peninsula included in Group VI of F.C.I. classification. This breed has being used in this mountainous region since hundreds of years ago in all kind of game: wild boar hare brown bear wolf red deer fox roe deer and chamois. It is an exclusive working breed employed in hunting with firearms.

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Sabueso Español y Razas Afines con la inestimable colaboración de la Colla de la Figa y la Federación Catalana de Caza. ... www.loadingvideo.2

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Scenthound Group
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This is a kind of scenthound originated in the far north of the Iberian Peninsula
it is medium sized and it has a great hunting power
although needs an expert owner.