Purebred (dog)
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Original source: English: This is a female purebred beagle of the tricolor variety. This beagle is 6-years old and the photo was taken at Almaden Park in San Jose, California, USA.

Purebred dog refers to a dog of a modern dog breed that closely resembles other dogs of the same breed with ancestry documented in a stud book and registered with one of the major dog registries. Documentation (so that the dog is known to be descended from specific ancestors) and registration distinguish modern breeds from dog types or landraces of dog (sometimes called natural breeds or ancient breeds) that arose under human influence over a long period of time to do a specific type of work.

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Purebred Cockapoo, Pepper is a wonderful addition to our family.21
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is just that. Pure bred. both bloodlines from sire and dam are of the same breed for several generations. No hybrids just mutts.26
Rescue = by Caroline CoilePublished December 15, 2008Pin It In an ideal world, all dogs would be carefully bred and placed in loving homes where they'd live long, happy lives.27
Rescue is a nonpolitical charitable organization founded in 1987.28
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do tend to have certain basic traits that are highly predictable. You might prefer an outgoing dog that likes everyone.31
have been successfully used as models for human Mendelian disorders, such as narcolepsy (Lin et al. 1999; Boehmer et al. 2004) and hereditary kidney cancer (Nickerson et al.32
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