Pumi (dog)
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The Pumi is a medium-small terrier-type breed of sheep dog from Hungary.

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Pumi = Pumi - Puppy Ads - Pumi - Breeders & Breed Information - The Pumi is a medium-small terrier-type breed of dog. It is a sheep dog from Hungary.3
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Breed = Energetic, high-spirited, watchful and loayal to a fault, the Pumi is steadily gaining popularity outside his home country. He is a working dog and is happiest when herding hundreds of sheep.8
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Pumi Pet Road Tests > Dogs Hungarian Pumi Breed: Hungarian Pumi Temperament: alert, energetic, wilful Lifespan: 10 -12 years Recommended for: enthusiasts Maintenance: low History There is some debate regarding the origin of the Pumi with some sources claiming they descended from the Puli and were later crossed with Pomeranians or possibly poodles.10
Pumi The energetic Pumi is a Hungarian herding breed who loves to work.11
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Pumi on the Trail = Yogi. breed. Timothy Springs Trail in the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness Area, Oregon.14
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Pumi was developed either during the seventeenth or eighteenth century and was created by crossbreeding French and German sheepdogs with Puli-type dogs.17
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pumi = share Examples pumi's examples - * The Pumi trademark is its ears, which are always alert and very lively.19
Pumi Breed Fact Sheet Dogs4Sale/Puppies4Sale I Dog Profiles I Breeders I Photo Gallery Display your dog here!! To display your photo here see Advertising Owner: JAGER Kennels Hungarian Pumi Breed Information Group 5: Working Dogs Energy Level: moderate Original Function: Cattle & sheep herding Temperament: alert, energetic, willful.20
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Pumi originated in Hungary in the 1600s. This is a very rare breed in the USA.23
Pumi pumi dog photo of a pumi dog pumi dog height of pumi dog group: herding height: 13-19" / 33.02-48.24
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pumi bar safely & gently removes corns, calluses, and dry skin from hands and feet.27
Pumi Ethnic Group Population: 33,600 Major area of distribution: Yunnan Language: Pumi Religion: Lamaism and Taoism The 33,600 Pumis are concentrated in the Yunnan Province counties of Lanping, Lijiang, Weixi 28
Pumi View our Advertiser Listing The Pumi = Conformation Show Section Our members showcase their own dogs here for you and let you know of their wins in the ring.29
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Pumi Links - * Breed Contacts * Colors and Markings * Did You Know? * History * News * Photos * Puppies * Breed Contacts - * National Breed Club * Breeder Referral * Breeder Classifieds * Breed Rescue Pumi News = * From the May 2011 Board Meeting – The Hungarian Pumi Club of America will serve as the AKC Parent Club to represent the Pumi.35
Pumi is an active dog, combining the intelligence of the herding dog along with the feistiness and activity of a terrier.36
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Pumi Oriental serves a variety of Chinese and Japanese cuisine.38
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-PUMI 04 April 2012 Report No: 7/2010: Report on the accident to Aerospatiale (Eurocopter) AS 332L Super Puma, G-PUMI at Aberdeen Airport, Scotland on 13 October 2006 - Report Name: 40
Pumi Information = The Pumi originated in Hungary in the 1600's. It was first developed for driving cattle and as a watchdog.41
Breed Information = Go to Index HEIGHT: 40 cm WEIGHT: 8 - 13 kg LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13 -15 years CHARACTERISTICS 42
Pumi Gyorgyudvari Cudar KANASZ = Search Website Login Gyorgyudvari Cudar KANASZ = Sire Born : 28.43
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Group 5
Alternate name
Hungarian Pumi
Herding dog
The UKC does not have an official breed standard
it currently uses the FCI standard