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The Pekingese Pekinese or Peke (also commonly referred to as a Lion Dog or Pelchie Dog due to their resemblance to Chinese guardian lions) is an ancient breed of toy dog originating in China. They were the favored pet of the Chinese Imperial court and the name relates to the city of Beijing where the Forbidden City resides. The breed has several characteristics and health issues related to its unique appearance.

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Questions About Pekingese? Click Here for the Forum! PekingeseDescription: The Pekingese is an ancient breed which has existed in China since 900 AD.5
(Pekes)(Lion Dog) - descriptive textDog breed info Pekingese (Pekes) (Lion Dog) Weight: 12 — 14 lbs Height: 6” — 6
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= - The Pekingese Almost everyone knows the Pekingese, a small dog with roots in China. Most people are familiar with the breed or even know someone who has one.8
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= Pekingese Photo courtesy of Piccoli Leoni The Pekingese, developed in China centuries ago, is a member of the toy group and believed to be close relatives of the 10
= Pekingese Dog SPekingese Imagetore BREED HISTORY The origins of the Pekingese are too far distant to be known: it was recently confirmed as one of the world’s most ancient breeds by DNA analysis.11
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About Palacegarden = Palacegarden Pekingese is a UK kennel breeding and showing top quality Pekingese.13
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Pekingese Pekingese history|temperament|exercise|grooming|health Size (weight) Grooming required Exercise required Living space Training required Child tolerance Stranger tolerance Description: - The Pekingese or Peke has quite a sturdy and strong build for a small toy dog breed.19
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Pekingese © American Kennel Club Area of Origin: China Size: Weight: small males: 11 lbs females: 12 lbs 21
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Calendars! - A Pekingese is not a pet dog; he is an undersized lion. - A. A.26
Dog & Puppies = The Lion Dog - Sacred Symbol of Buddha Breed Origins: China ( Ancient Times ) Breed usage: Lap dog and Companion Dog 27
Dog Breed Information and Pictures = Pekingese dog breed is an affectionate family dog that has boldness and self-important look.28
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Haircut Styles Pekingese Haircut Styles = Pekingese Haircut Styles thumbnail A Pekingese The Pekingese is a sturdy little dog known for his flat face, short legs, and soft coat.32
Health Committee = Pekingese Health Committee - * Home * Health Committee Survey * THE HEART TEST * Stenotic Nares * Brachycephaly * Eyes * Spay/Neuter * Disc Disease * The Spine * Short legs * Tumours * Other Health Problems * Breeding guidelines * The "Favoured Sire" * BREEDERS LIST * Contact Us THE OFFICIAL AND ORIGINAL SITE OF THE PEKINGESE HEALTH COMMITTEE The Current members of the Health Committee are as follows: Miss Ann Bradley (Kwanli) Mr Bill Edmond (Singlewell) 33
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license plate frame holder, bumper sticker, hat, cap, shirt, mug, more Beautiful holiday art for Pekingese lovers. This peke is lovely as the stands proudly in front of a woodland tree.35
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! - The Pekingese, sometimes affectionately called the Peke, has a long, sturdy body covered by a long, thick and straight overcoat and a thick undercoat.43
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? = I have had a beautiful pekingese fr years. I am currently looking for a haircut that would suit her breeed and keep her cool in the hot weather.....46
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tumbleupon Mixx it! Email icon Pekingese = The Pekingese is a sturdy, small breed with a long, regal history.48
() Home Home » Dog » Pekingese Pekingese = Dog Peking PalasthundPembroke Pekingese Origin As indicated by its name the Pekingese originated in China where diminutive breeds have existed and have been treasured for at least 1500 years.49
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