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The Non-Sporting Group of dogs is a kennel club dog breed Group designation. How Non-Sporting is defined varies among kennel clubs and different kennel clubs may not include the same breeds in their Non-Sporting Group. Some kennel clubs do not use the Non-Sporting classification. Non-Sporting Group is not a term used by the international kennel club association the Fédération Cynologique Internationale which more finely divides its breed groupings by dog type and breed history.

* American Eskimo dog * Bichon Frise * 1
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Top Producers Through December, 2004 AMERICAN ESKIMO DOGS Sire: CH Hamilton’s Diamond In Ruff Eileen Kortemeier Richard Kortemeier CH Hamilton-Kortmar 3
- view details tweet facebook more Relive the Best of Non-Sporting Group judging at the 134th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.4
= Sylvia CochranSylvia Cochran, Yahoo! Contributor Network Feb 1, 2011 "Share your voice on Yahoo! websites. Start Here.5
General Appearance The Shiba is the smallest of the Japanese native breeds of dog and was originally developed for hunting by sight and scent in the dense undergrowth of Japan's mountainous 6
Springfield Kennel Club 2009 115th All-Breed Dog Show and Obedience Trial November 22, 2009 Best in Show Ch. Dun Myrica Speaker of Eagle Irish Wolfhound Sporting Group Working Group Terrier Group Ch.7
Think of the term 'companion animals' and you'll understand the AKC's Non-Sporting Group.8
(28) * Specialty Wins (2) * Sporting Group (54) * Terrier Group (52) * Toy Group (55) * Working Group (57) Search « Toy Group 2010 ResultsCanadian 2010 Dog Show Results » Non-Sporting Group 2010 Results - Gleason the Boston Terrier - * Gleason, GCH CH Kennedy’s How Sweet It Is At Mtnview is owned by 9
(Photo) = By Alex Madlangbayan on Feb 15, 2012 in Animals, United States • No comments Tweet Spotlights Ruffian Westminster Dog Show 2012 10
- Schipperke CH Tumbleweeds One O'These Days Saturday Group 1 Toy Pomeranian Sporting Group - Weimeraner CH Bing's Just A Trip JH Sunday Group 1 Non-sporting Boston terrier Non-sporting Group - Boston terrier Wyndsong's You Go Girlfriend Sunday Group 1 Sporting Chesapeake Bay retriever Sporting Group - 11
- Chinese shar-pei Non-sporting Group - Chinese shar-pei CH Double O's Double O'Seven Sporting Group - Springer spaniel Sporting Group - English Springer spaniel CH Gold Camp Point Break Non-sporting Group - Dalmation Non-sporting Group - Dalmation CH Bottoms Up I Wonder Sporting Group - Springer spaniel Sporting Group - Springer 12
- They Don't Need To Do Anything! = Dogs in this group can have characteristics of the working group while others have characteristics of the sporting group and even some of the traits of the terrier 13
- Utility Group Purebred Dogs and Puppies - The different purebred dog types in the AKC non-sporting group (also known as the Utility Group) are a wide collection of dogs in all types of sizes, shapes, personalities, coat types and 14
12-17-1131:05 Watch Later Error AENC Non-Sporting Group 12-17-11by eukanuba 487 views * Westminster Dog Show 2012: Best in Group - Non-Sporting and Herding8:03 Watch Later Error Westminster Dog Show 2012: Best in Group - Non-Sporting 15
are a diverse group which do not fit the specified criteria of the other breed groups.16
at Westminster Dog Show - by caninenation on Feb.17

at the 135th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York February 14, 2011.18
Breed Listing dna testing dogs Non-Sporting Group Breed Listing dna pawprint = American Eskimo Dog Also known as American Spitz, American Deutscher Spitz Bichon Frise Also known as Bichon à poil frisé, Bichon Tenerife Boston 19
Club of New Jersey Similar Services Nearby: Non-Sporting Group Club of New Jersey * 20
Club of the Garden State Non-Sporting Group Club of the Garden State = Mar 25, 2010 | Thursday * 21
Club of the Garden State Picture OUR PURPOSE The Club's primary purpose is to be representative of Non-Sporting breeds and exhibitors in our area.22
Dog = Guess What Breed Super Quiz: Non-Sporting Group Puppy Edition - - Updated 04/04/10 6:40 PM · Posted 03/30/10 3:50 PM by PetSugar · 3 23
Dog Breeds American BullneseBreed Profile: American Bullnese American Eskimo DogBreed Profile: American Eskimo Dog Bichon FriseBreed Profile: Bichon Frise Boston TerrierBreed Profile: Boston Terrier BulldogBreed Profile: Bulldog Chinese Shar-PeiBreed 24
Dog Collars Non-Sporting Group Dog Collars - Non-Sporting Dog Collar Training Options Boston Terriers, Bichons, Chow Chows, Dalmatians, French Bulldogs, Keeshonds, Lhasa Apsos, Poodles, etc.25
Dogs - Most Popular Dog List Herding Dogs | Hound Dogs | Non-AKC Dogs | Non-Sporting Dogs Sporting Dogs | Terrier Dogs | Toy Dogs | Working Dogs Non-Sporting dogs are a diverse group of dogs classified as mainly 26
in 1959. And this dog breed is very long lived breed.27
Judging Ringside candid photos from the Non-Sporting Group judging at the San Fernando Kennel Club's 2011 All-Breed Show (in the Mission Circuit) on Friday May 27, 2011.28
show Herding Group Association of NJ Meadowlands Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club Progressive Dog Club (Toys) - Friday, March 23, 2012 - 29
Top Sires and Dams = The 2008 top sires and dams in the Non-Sporting Group and their champion offspring. - Tweet Based on AKC records from Jan. 1, 2008 through Dec.30
win at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Ch. Robobull Fabelhaft Im On Fire, a 2-year-old male Frenchie, bested a male Chinese shar-pei named Ch.31
winner at the westminster kennel club dog show By Sara Bogush Non-Sporting Group Winner: Dalmatian Takes Direction In this photo, the Non-Sporting Group winner at the 32
Winner – Dalmatian This year's Non-Sporting Group winner was Ian, a Dalmatian from Laguna Beach, California.33
, for the Standard Poodle Ch. Brighton Minimoto Representing the Non-Sporting Group Winner, Standard Poodle Ch.34