New Guinea Singing Dog
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The New Guinea Singing Dog or Singer is a rare dingo once found throughout New Guinea. It is also known as the New Guinea Dingo Singing Dog New Guinea Highland Dog New Guinea Wild Dog Hallstrom Dog New Guinea Highland Wild Dog Papua New Guinea Singing Dog and the acronym NGSD. Little is known about its life on New Guinea or whether it still exists there; all research has been performed on the captive population.

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- homepage write me - Miscellaneous Notes * The New Guinea Singing Dog is also known as the New Guinea Dingo and Hallstrom's Dog.2
International (NGSDI) = Dedicated to Education, Preservation, Rescue, Responsible Ownership, and search for new NGSD bloodlines.3
, so named because of its ability to modulate its howling, can match the dingo's longevity, the University of NSW's Dr Alan Wilton suggests.4
New Guinea Singing Dog = New Guinea Singing Dog The New Guinea Singing Dog is a wild dog once found throughout New Guinea. New Guinea Singing Dogs are named for their unique howl.5
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is closely related to the Australian Dingo. The NGSD is considered a wild dog and requires special training.7
Canis lupus halstromi Range: Central Highlands of New Guinea (Papua New Guinea and Irian Jaya New Guinea).9
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= New Guinea Singing Dog (Canis familiaris dingo/hallstromi) Range: Papua New Guinea Status: Unknown New Guinea singing dogs are the result of many generations of an aboriginal dog 13
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Conservation Society, 5265 Old Stage Road, Central Point, Oregon 97502 U.S.A. 2U.S. Fish and Wildlife National Wildlife Forensic Laboratory, Ashland, Oregon, 97520 U.S.A.17
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= This site is dedicated to the Basenji and the New Guinea Singing Dog. Two very special breeds with much in common.22

problem = i have a 1 1/2 new guinea singing dog, and she is an amazing dog, but i am having one problem with her. she wont go potty in the backyard if it just rained.23
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Conservation Society ( for the purpose of sharing and requesting information about the New Guinea dingo.26
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- * The New Guinea Singing Dog is an endangered species that is found almost exclusively in zoos, although they are also kept 29
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Friday, October 2nd, 2009 AKA: New Guinea Highland Dog, Singer, NGSD Description: The New Guinea Singing Dog has the appearance like that of a fox, with a triangular head, prick ears, and triangular eyes.33
- * The New Guinea Singing Dog is thought to be extinct in wild packs and only a few known examples are in captivity.34
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(NGSD) resembles the Australian dingo (Canis familiaris dingo) , but the NGSD it is smaller, averaging 17 inches in length and weighing about 25 pounds.38
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'' Breed Found in Penn.40
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(Canis hallstromi, Troughton 1957) = 1. Janice Koler-Matznick1,*, 2. I. Lehr Brisbin Jr2, 3.42
, Jingle, since the summer of 2006, and have also been members of the New Guinea Singing Dog Conservation Society for nearly that long.43
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