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The Levriero Sardo or Cani de lèpori is one of the rarest breeds of dogs in Italy with only 100 specimens existing with a few breeders dedicated to the breed. The breed is very old; it is believed that these dogs were taken to the island of Sardinia by phoenician traders. There are two bloodlines: one characterized by a light brown coat and the other by a black coat. It is a sighthound used to hunt hares which stands 58 to 62 cms to the withers and weighs 18 to 22 kg.

per poter mandare avanti le tradizioni del nostro popolo, se mi trovano in campagna con il tesserino scritto fucile in spalle spirnger al lavoro ......1
() eli Cani de Lèpori on italialainen koirarotu. Se on yksi Italian harvinaisimmista roduista: vain 100 yksilöä on jäljellä eikä rodulle omistautuneita kasvattajiakaan ole kuin muutama.2

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