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The Levriero Italiano or Levriero Meridionale is a very ancient breed which has survived through the centuries in southern Italy due to its excellent reputation as a hunter. This is the dog that medieval feudal lords used for their hunts. The breed declined heavily in numbers because firearms made other hunting styles more popular and hunting with sight-hounds became rare. The breed is outstanding as a sight-hound and possesses not only great speed but also great endurance.

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che, come era solita ricordare la Marchesa Incontri, non è affatto una forma nana di quelli ma un vero levriero di piccole dimensioni, ci sono stati consegnati dai secoli ben poco perfettibili.3
o meridionale, in una forma perfetta in rapporto alla funzione limitata.4
(Italian Greyhound) Lagotto Romagnolo (Romagna Water Dog) MaltesePastore Maremmano (Maremma Sheepdog) Mastino Napoletano (Neapolitan mastiff) Segugio italiano (Italian Hound) Spinone italiano (Italian Wire Haired Pointer) Volpino Italiano (Italian Spitz/Florentine Spitz) Digg This | Save to TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: http://www.typepad.5
puppies were born. There are 4 puppies in the litter (3 males,1 female).6
- Petit Levrier Italien - Italikos Ihnilatis -Italienishe Windspiele Dog Exhibitors / Breeders / Dog Handlers / Junior handling / Babysitting for IGs / IG Puppy Classes7
, the Italian Greyhound is an active yet peaceful companion.8

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, Piccolo Levrien Italiani origination: Egypt, then Ancient Rome bred for: royalty identifying traits: ideal for: indoor life, other pets, companionship, warmer weather good with kids? yes, older children, younger children might play too rough life expectancy: 13-14 yrs kennel clubs: akc, saku, ankc, uk, nzkc-(toy dog group), fci-(short haired sighthounds dog group), ukc-(companion dog group), ckc rescues: Italian Greyhounds home | herding | hound | molossoid | nonsporting | primitive | spitz | sporting | 11
= Piccolo levriero italiano Vedi anche: - Foto di Piccolo levriero italiano Vendita cuccioli di Piccolo levriero italiano Allevamenti di Piccolo levriero italiano Descrizione: Razza di piccole dimensioni: ha una statura di circa 32-38 cm e non supera gli 5 chilogrammi di peso. È classificato nella categoria dolicomorfo.12
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