Lakeland Terrier
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The Lakeland Terrier is a dog breed which takes its name from its home of origin the Lake District in England. The dog is a small to mid-size member of the Terrier family. While independent in personality it interacts well with owners and all family members and is mostly hypo-allergenic (non shedding). The breed is not widely owned in the U.S. but is very well received by the public generally due to its personality and appearance.

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Questions About Lakeland Terriers? Click Here for the Forum! Description: Lakeland Terriers are small sized terriers known to be bright, cheerful, courageous and confident.6
- lakeland-terrier-001The Lakeland Terrier originated in the nineteenth century near the Scottish and English border, in Lake District of Cumberland.7
- New Ashington, Northumberland, UK £100 ono Nearly 2 year old Patterdale cross lakeland not good with children great guard dog or will go to ground.8
- Show AllPuppy SeekersBreedersVets Description = Illustration of Lakeland Terrier A cheerful little rascal, hardy and agile, he comes from England’s Lake District, where once his ancestors 9
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= descriptive textDog breed infoLakeland Terrier Weight: 15 — 17 lbs Height: 13” — 15” AKC Rank 2008 #129 Lifespan: 12—16 yrs Group: Terrier Origin: England * Breeders And Rescue Group Info * Dog Health, Dog Illness, Medical Problems Dog Breed Info - Lakeland Terrier A rather shaggy looking Lakeland descriptive text Breed Overview Origin 1700’s. Original Function Vermin hunting. Today: Earthdog trials.12
= Lakeland Terrier Pedigree Points Recognized: AKC, ANKC, CKC, FCI, KC (GB), KUSA Height: 1413
= Lakeland Terrier Trainability: Shedding: Energy level: Watchdog: Good with kids: Popularity: What He's Like: - The Lakeland Terrier is a high-energy, confident, loving, playful and happy companion.14
= Like many terriers, the Lakeland Terrier, was originally bred as a working, farm dog. His job to hunt and kill vermin, particularly rat, fox and rabbit.15
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= Terrier Group Luna and Jimmy and Missy from the Lakeland Terrier Club of America's site The Lakeland Terrier is a great choice for the active, on the move, family.17
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= Tweet The Lakeland Terrier breed was developed during the 18th and 19th centuries in the Lake District of England. Originally called The Patterdale Terrier they are now recognized as a separate breed.19
BACKGROUND The Lakeland Terriers were originally bred in the harsh but beautiful countryside of the English Lake District to hunt foxes.20
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>> Breeders View our Advertiser Listing Lakeland Terrier Breeders = The following breeders listing contains : Lakeland Terrier Breeders who are located in Australia and New Zealand.31
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Cross = Freeway – 4 year old female Jack Russell Terrier cross Lakeland Terrier - Listing info: - All Dogs Available for Adoption • - Females • 3-5 years • Jack Russell Terrier Cross • Lakeland Terrier Cross Tags: -located-south-east-england • house-trained • not-suitable-to-live-with-other-dogs 33
Dog Breed Dog Breed Center - Dog Breeds A-Z | Large Dogs | Small Dogs | Medium Sized Dogs Lakeland Terrier - History and Health = Lakeland Terrier Dog Breeds Introduction - History and Health of the Lakeland Terrier Dog Breed: The Lakeland Terrier was developed in England in the 1800’s to hunt small game, 34
Dog Breed The Lakeland Terrier originates from England and was bred originally for hunting otters, foxes, rats and mice. It's origins can be dated back to the 1700's.35
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has a double coat that's harsh and wiry on the outside and soft and warm underneath. It often has a wave to it.37
Information = Breed Lakeland Terrier Alternative names Height (male/female) 14.5 inches (37 cm) / 14.38
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Products! - Recollect that the Almighty, who gave the dog to be companion of our pleasures and our toils, hath invested him with a nature noble and incapable of deceit.41
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Puppies, Lakeland Terrier Breeders, Lakeland Terriers For Sale, Lakeland Terriers = Learn about your this breed of dog with our extensive breed profile.43
was bred to hunt vermin in the rugged shale mountains of the Lake District of northern England. He is a small workmanlike dog of square, sturdy build.44
, fox terrier, west highland white terrier home / the breeds / lakeland terrier lakeland terrier These dogs were described as skilful fox and badger-hunters on rocky grounds.45
, originally called the Patterdale Terrier, was developed in England's Lake District to hunt den animals such as badger and fox, and also otter.46
tumbleupon Mixx it! Email icon Lakeland Terrier = The Lakeland Terrier is a feisty breed originating from England.47
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