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The Kooikerhondje or Kooiker Hound is a small spaniel-type breed of dog of Dutch ancestry that was originally used as a working dog particularly in duck hunting and tolling. Kooikers were popular in the 17th and 18th century and appeared in the paintings of Rembrandt and Jan Steen. The breed is rapidly gaining popularity in the United States Canada and Scandinavia where it is still relatively unknown.

- A Beautiful and Rare Dog Breed By Linda Cole The Kooikerhondje is a rare dog breed that originated in Holland around the 1500's. Nicknamed Kooiker, they're also called Dutch Decoy Dog.1
Club was established on 16th of October in 1999. Nowadays it has around 200 members.2
= Breed Organization The American Canine Association, Inc. (ACA) 800 Delaware Avenue Reg.3
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Prince William of Orange (1533-1584) was saved by a Spioen and escaped from the Spanish enemy.5
is an old breed that originated in The Netherlands (Holland).6
- Small gundog used for hunting, flushing and retrieving water fowl.7
= Kooikerhondje Pedigree Points Recognized: FCI Height: 15 in (38cm) Weight: 20-24 lb (9-11kg) Coat: Moderately long and slightly wavy; feathering on chest, legs, and tail Color: Clear white with red 8
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Club of the USA = Bringing the Little White and Red Dog With a Big Heart to the USA - Search Main 13
- Show AllPuppy SeekersBreedersVets Description = Illustration of Kooikerhondje The compactly small breed, which hails from the Netherlands, is blessed with a spectacular coat of clear red–orange 14
= Kooikerhondje Alternative Names: kookier dog, Dutch decoy spaniel, Dutch decoy dog Country of Origin: The Netherlands History: The kooikerhondje is an old Dutch breed that is believed to have been developed in the sixteenth century.15
is a breed who's origin is dutch, and originally bread to lure ducks into a ditch leading away from the pond.16
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Dog Breed = History - The Kooikerhondje is a breed that has been developed in the Netherlands.19
Kooikerhondje Family: Spaniel Breed Group: Sporting Origin: Netherlands Date of Origin: 16th century Originally used for: Tolling for ducks, hunting vermin Used today: Companion Other Name(s): Kooiker Hound, Small Dutch Waterfowl Dog, Dutch Decoy 20
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= Kooikerhondje Alternative names Kooiker Hound Small Dutch Waterfowl Dog Dutch Decoy Dog Country of origin The Netherlands Classification FCI: Group 8 Section 2 KC(UK): Gundog Breed standards (external links) 24
The Kooikerhondje = Conformation Show Section Our members showcase their own dogs here for you and let you know of their wins in the ring.25
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puppies for sale can be found on our Find A Puppy service.27
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= Kooikerhondje The dog breed Kooikerhondje is an outstanding hunter, as most other spaniel breeds. Spaniels sometimes assist in bird hunting.29
= Introduction Kooikerhondje is a small sized working dog with a clearly clever personality.30
Breed Information = Kooikerhondje Showdog.31
- General Facts : These dogs have unique coats that take even 2 years to fully develop but are easy to take care of as only regular brushing is needed.32
Society of America was established in 2011 by a dedicated group of fanciers brought together by the common love for this special breed of dog.33
Dogs > Breed Overview Kooikerhondje Dogs overview = The Kooikerhondje is a small breed, standing a little over a foot high.34
= Aliases: Kooiker, Kooiker Dog, Kooiker Hound, Dutch Decoy Dog - InformationFor SaleArticlesForum All Articles Kooikerhondje Articles Kooikerhondje Articles = Digg this article Keeping your Kooikerhondje Busy to Avoid Destructive Behaviour - 35
- From Wikipedia the free encyclopedia, by MultiMedia Back | Home | Up | Next - Kooikerhondje Alternative names Kooiker Hound Small Dutch Waterfowl Dog Dutch Decoy Dog Country of origin The Netherlands Common nicknames Kooiker Classification and breed standards FCI: Group 8 Section 2 #314 36
, home of Hamlet, Yorick, Rosalind, and our retired mamas, Elsinore and Bianca.37
= Square_140_kooikerhondje This good-natured hunting dog makes an affectionate family companion.38
Judge: Mick Howes (Medogold) BEST OF BREED : 5146 MILLER Mrs K Millhanger Bunny Best Dog : 5151 WHYBROW Mrs S A Unosta Kaspar Sh.39
- - "Named for a Dutch duck hunting technique, they are seldom seen outside the Netherlands, where they are kept as a companion dog.40
* Home * About * Breed Standard * Pictures * Links * My Blog * Guestbook Google Custom Search Type The Kooikerhondje was originally both a working dog and pet.41
Club of the Netherlands. We are members of the Brazoria Kennel Club and the Kooikerhondje Society of America. Vonlin's is in good standing with AKC and UKC.42
Agility Dog Tee Shirt by MenagerieMayhem"My Kooikerhondje is an Agility Dog" gift has an a-frame cartoon in place of the letter "A" in agility.43
look really good, if you are interested in getting one or just learning more about this breed take a look at the breeders website on my Kooikerhondje breeders page Posted by Jeremyinc 44
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Alternate name
Dutch Decoy Dog
Kooiker Dog
Kooiker Hound
Small Dutch Waterfowl Dog
Gun Dog
Image Caption
A two-year-old Kooikerhondje.