King Charles Spaniel
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The King Charles Spaniel (also known as the English Toy Spaniel) is a breed of small dog of the spaniel type. In 1903 The Kennel Club (UK) amalgamated four separate toy spaniel breeds under this single title. The other vareties merged into this breed were the Blenheim Ruby and Prince Charles Spaniels. Each of the former breeds contributes one of the four colours available in the breed.

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BACKGROUND As the name suggests, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel proudly traces its ancestry back to the royal courts of England. King Charles II, was devoted to his dogs - almost to the point of addiction.9
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relaxing in a field of pastel greens. Gifts to treasure in a variety of merchandise.11
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actually got its name because it was the lap dog of choice for King Charles. Learn more about this lovable, spoiled breed.16
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CLUB Humberside Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club is the youngest of the Cavalier Clubs in Great Britain and the Millennium sees the celebration of its tenth year with Championship Show status.21
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Gifts Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Gifts The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a small breed of dog usually considered one of the toy dog breeds.29
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has a long-standing history as a companion dog to the wealthy and elite. The breed was developed in England, most likely from toy spaniels.31
History by Malcolm Dupre To explore the history of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel we must start with the small "spaniell gentle, otherwise called Comforter" of 16th century England.32
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Puppies for Sale = Buying your first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy can be a daunting task, but is here to help.38
Puppies for Sale Country of Origin: Wales. Coat: Consists of light to firmly-waved soft hair.39
puppy so he lives a long healthy life and seldom needs to visit the vet.40
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! - The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is known for its expressive, beautiful eyes and its long fluffy ears. It skull is flat and its muzzle is conical in shape.42
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have an issue with mitral valve disease and good breeders are working hard to remove this genetic problem once and for all. The dogs that are being used to make this blend are not from good breeding stock.46
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'' was bestowed during the reign of King Charles II, who was so fond of his spaniels he could not be parted from them.48
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The fact that dogs are always part of a royal Japanese present suggested to the Commodore the thought that possibly one species of spaniel now in England may be traced to a Japanese origin. In 1613
when Captain Saris returned from Japan to England
he carried to the King a letter from the Emperor
and presents in return for those sent to him by his Majesty of England. Dogs probably formed part of the gifts and thus may have been introduced into the Kingdom the Japanese breed. At any rate
there is a species of Spaniel in England which it is hard to distinguish from the Japanese dog. The species sent by the Emperor is by no means common even in Japan. It is never seen running about the streets
or following its master in his walks
and the Commodore understood that they were costly.
Francis L. Hawks and Commodore Matthew C. Perry