Italian Greyhound
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The Italian Greyhound is a small breed of dog of the sight hound type sometimes called an I.G. or Iggy for short.

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= The Italian Greyhound is a small breed of dog of the sight hound type, sometimes called an "I.G.", or "Iggy" for short.3
Adopt an Italian Greyhound = Italian Greyhound Dog Breed Picture: Kent and Donna Dannen Comment on the Italian Greyhound Family: sighthound, Southern (sighthound) Area of origin: Italy Original function: lap dog Average 4
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= From Academic Kids Click Here Italian Greyhound Alternative names Piccolo Levriero Italiano Country of origin Italy Classification and breed standards FCI: Group 10 Section 3 #200 Stds (
italian greyhound - The name of the breed is a reference to the breed's popularity in Renaissance Italy.12
Rescue & Adoption: Adopt an Italian Greyhound in your area...13
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'Piccolo Levriero Italiano' - descriptive textDog breed info Italian Greyhound 'Piccolo Levriero Italiano' Weight: 7 — 14 lbs Height: 13” — 15” AKC Rank 2008 #59 Lifespan: 12—15 yrs Group Toy Origin Italy ...............................A rather silly Italien Greyhound using the "sit" command.15
Greeting Cards Italian Greyhound Greeting Cards = Get ready for a huge selection of Italian Greyhound greeting cards, each ideal for your holidays or special occasions.16
isn’t just loved as a sight hound; however, this miniature relative of the greyhound is loved for being a perfect companion dog both for individuals and families as well! The Italian Greyhound: Doggie Profile 18
= Italian Greyhound Dog Store BREED HISTORY The origin of the Italian Greyhound, as with all greyhounds, goes back to antiquity. Its ancestors were widely admired by the ancient Egyptians and the Romans.19
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= The Italian Greyhound who made it to Toy Group at Westminster Dog Show. I thought he had the sweetest expression. Those big eyes were checking me out.21
Pictures of Italian Greyhound Overview = The Italian Greyhound was brought to Europe by the Phoenicians when it was later developed by the Romans.22
descends from small-sized greyhounds which already existed in ancient Egypt at the court of the Pharaohs.23
= Italian Greyhound Trainability: Shedding: Energy level: Watchdog: Good with kids: Popularity: What He's Like: - The Italian Greyhound is an active yet peaceful, gentle, loving, sensitive and devoted companion.24

Breed Profile = Personality Among the endearing traits of the Italian Greyhound is that they are gentle, submissive, playful, affectionate, intelligent, high strung, timid, and devoted.25
Italian Greyhound italian greyhound history|temperament|exercise|grooming|health Size (weight) Grooming required Exercise required Living space Training required Child tolerance Stranger tolerance Description: - The Italian Greyhound is one of the quietest and most pleasant of all the toy dog breeds.26
makes an excellent apartment dweller but does need plenty of activity and space for freedom of movement. They enjoy a good walk, and will bond especially well with their owners after exercise.27
This breed just doesn't work for everyone. In a nutshell, Italian Greyhounds are active, demanding and difficult to housetrain. Actually, housetraining can be an on-going issue.28
= Description: The Italian Greyhound is sometimes referred to as the "IG". Italian Greyhounds are the smallest of the sighthounds.29
Puppies For Sale = Home » Dogs » Italian Greyhound Puppies These beautiful dogs can be shy around strangers.30
- The Italian Greyhound is an excellent companion pet. Here is your informative A-list of Italian Greyhound.31
in rescue. All our IGs are under the Italian Greyhound Club of America’s rescue program.32
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>> Breeders View our Advertiser Listing Italian Greyhound Breeders = The following breeders listing contains : Italian Greyhound Breeders who are located in Australia and New Zealand.35
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Dog & Puppies = Italian Greyhound Dog - Gaze Hound of Royalty Breed Origins: Italy ( Ancient Times ) Breed usage: Lap dog and companion Dog Weight: 7 - 37
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Dogs = Italian Greyhounds are ridiculously fast-reaching speeds of 40 mph-but, they would much rather be hanging out at home.40
Dog Breed = The little Italian Greyhound descends from small-sized greyhounds which already existed in ancient Egypt at the court of the Pharaohs.41
Italian Greyhound Size: Small Group: Toy Life-span: 10-14 years Exercise: Medium Grooming: Low Origin: Italy Search for Italian Greyhound puppies for sale >> Search for Italian Greyhound breeders in the UK >> Search for Italian Greyhound stud dogs >> Search for 42
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