Irish Wolfhound
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The Irish wolfhound is a breed of domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris) specifically a sighthound. The name originates from its purpose rather than from its appearance. Irish Wolfhounds are the tallest of dog breeds.

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irish wolfhound - The breed is very old, possibly from the 1st century BC or earlier, bred as war dogs by the ancient Celts, who called them C2
* A * B * C * D * E * F * G * H * I * J * K * L * M * N * O * P * Q * R * S * T * U * V * W * X * Y * Z Irish Wolfhound = Standing nearly a yard high at the shoulder, the Wolfhound is not only the tallest of all the hounds, but is the biggest breed of them all.3
picture Tenderland Farms has been Breeding Quality Irish Wolfhounds for 20 years and has been a participant of the AKC, CKC for that time.4
Dog & Puppies = " War Dog of Irish Chieftains " Breed Origins: Ireland dating back to antiquity Breed usage: Hunting Dog: large game - stags, boars, elk and wolves 5
Adopt an Irish Wolfhound = Irish Wolfhound Dog Breed Picture: Kent and Donna Dannen Comment on the Irish Wolfhound Family: Sighthound, Southern (sighthound) Area of origin: Ireland Original function: coursing wolves and elk 6
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Pet Road Tests > Dogs Irish Wolfhound = BREED: Irish Wolfhound TEMPERAMENT: Calm & biddable LIFESPAN: 8-10 years RECOMMENDED FOR: Experienced dog owners MAINTENANCE: Medium Among the Irish dancers and leprechauns marching in St Patrick's Day parades, you may have noticed some huge shaggy dogs. These are Irish Wolfhounds, the world's tallest breed of dog.12
puppy Please consider: Costs Not thinking so much about the acquisition that could seem expensive, but much more of the other expenses.13
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= Next Breed: Istrian coarse-haired Hound Previous Breed: Irish Water Spaniel The Irish Wolfhound is a breed of domestic dog, specifically a sighthound. The name originates from its purpose of wolf hunting rather than from its appearance.15
are one of the tallest breeds in the world that can reach 7 feet, if they stand on hind legs. They are gentle, patient, thoughtful and very intelligent.16
Restaurant and Pub opened in September, owned by a group of Irish natives, any one of whom might be persuaded to drop by your table and regale your guests with an 17
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Breed Profile = Personality Among the qualities of the Irish Wolfhound is that they are sweet tempered, patient, generous, thoughtful, intelligent, dignified, willing, and loving.19
Home Page = User-friendly index to Irish Wolfhound items at Hoflin and on the Net. EIGHT OF A NOTED KENNEL. Mrs. I. H.20
= descriptive textDog breed info Irish Wolfhound Weight: 105 — 120 lbs Height: 30” — 32” AKC Rank 2008 #79 Life Span: 5—7 yrs Group Hound Origin Ireland * Breeders And Rescue Groups * Dog Health, Dog Illness, Medical Problems Dog Breed Info - The Irish Wolfhound 21
- The Irish Wolfhound is the world's largest breed of dog. The name is quite a recent one but the hound itself goes back far into the mists of time.22
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is one of the tallest dogs in the world! Category: Entertainment Tags: * dogs * 24
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Irish Wolfhound Shop With Confidence Our Price Promise Price Promise To You If you are on this page you will be looking to buy Irish Wolfhound.27
breed of dog? The tallest and one of the oldest dog breeds...28
!!? = I was wondering if the irish wolfhound is a good dog to buy, I want to know about sheddding, friendlniess, and how old htey live.29
- A Brief History by Bridget Haggerty "Gentle when stroked, fierce when provoked", appears on the coat of arms of early Irish kings along with a shamrock and a harp.30
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Of great size and commanding appearance, the Irish Wolfhound's power, combined with keen sight and swiftness, makes him unique among sighthounds.33
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Information on lymphoma, pcd, pneumona and pra (progressive retinal atrophy) in the Irish Wolfhound - please visit the IW Foundation Web site design 1999 - 36
View our Advertiser Listing The Irish Wolfhound = Breed Feature Photo - Unauthorised use prohibited! Unauthorised use of photo prohibited Our Breed Feature Photo (?) Aust Ch Wulfgar Valhalla Owned by S.37
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Dogs = Irish Wolfhounds may have been fierce hunters several centuries ago, but today they are perfectly content to lounge on a couch and be petted all day.42
Irish Wolfhound = Irish Wolfhound The Irish Wolfhound is a breed of domestic dog , specifically a sighthound. The name originates from its purpose rather than from its appearance.43
Irish Wolfhound Irish Wolfhound history|temperament|exercise|grooming|health Size (weight) Grooming required Exercise required Living space Training required Child tolerance Stranger tolerance Description: - The Irish Wolfhound is the largest sighthound and one of the biggest and strongest of all giant dog breeds.44
= Sort by: * Irish Wolfhounds - Basic IntroductionBy AdriAnna Newberry October 4, 2010Brief background history of the Irish Wolfhound along with important information for today's would-be owner * The Irish Wolfhound - Breed ProfileBy Shawna Ciampa 45
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Cú Faoil
Sighthounds and Pariahs
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