Irish Terrier
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The Irish Terrier is a dog breed from Ireland one of many breeds of Terrier. The Irish Terrier is an active and compactly sized dog that is suited for life in both rural and city environments. Its harsh red coat protects it from all kinds of weather.

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- Show AllPuppy SeekersBreedersVets Description = Illustration of Irish Terrier Once called the Irish Red Terrier to distinguish the breed from other terriers in Ireland, the Irish 2
= Thinking about purchasing an Irish Terrier? Then read our breed profile including a brief description, information on height, weight, color, coat, temperament, grooming, activity and history.3
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Irish Terrier = Irish Terrier Irish Terrier - Weight: - Most countries have breed descriptions that say that the Irish Terrier should not be more than 48 cm measured at the withers.6
Breed Profile = Personality Irish Terriers are hot tempered and reckless breeds of dog. However, they are highly animated, and spirited. They are affectionately known as Daredevils by their owners.7
- irish-terrier-001The Irish Terrier was most likely descended from the ancient Terrier of Great Britain.8
breeders with dogs and puppies for sale. = Irish Terrier breeders, finding a trustworthy breeder with an available adult Irish Terrier for sale.9
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Dog Breed Dog Breed Center - Dog Breeds A-Z | Large Dogs | Small Dogs | Medium Sized Dogs Irish Terrier - Temperament & Personality = Irish Terrier Dog Breeds Introduction - The Irish Terrier Dog Breed has a personality and temperament that is bold and playful.12
Photo Gallery Contact Welcome to Culford kennels Where the best keeps on getting better! - With over twenty years expierence with Irish terrriers including imports from Australia and the U.K.13
and I experienced a deep gratitude for those wonderful years. And I thought of that moment in 1987 when Ch.14
Irish Terrier Presents & Gifts = Here's your spot for Irish Terrier gifts. Whether you want Irish Terrier t-shirts, bumper stickers or posters, we have a big collection of unique gifts to pick from.15
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dog training, care, history, temperament, and characteristics Group: Terrier Weight: male: 27, female: 25 lbs Height: 18 inches DBT highly recommends the How To Choose The Best Dog For Your Family ebook when choosing a new dog or puppy. History Irish Terriers were developed in Ireland during the 1700s.21
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>> Breeders View our Advertiser Listing Irish Terrier Breeders = The following breeders listing contains : Irish Terrier Breeders who are located in Australia and New Zealand.24

Information = Breed Irish Terrier Alternative names Daredevil Irish Red Terrier Height (male/female) 18-19 inches 25
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= Irish Terrier Pedigree Points Recognized: AKC, ANKC, CKC, FCI, KC (GB), KUSA Height: 18 in (46cm) Weight: 25-27 lb (11.27
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= BREED HISTORY The first image of the present day Irish Terrier appears in a painting dating from the 18th century.31
Irish Terrier Breed Information = in depth information breeders in your area Description: This tall terrier has bushy eyebrows and a bearded muzzle.32
Club of America Klub f33
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Dog Breed = The Irish Terrier is one of the oldest terrier breeds in the world.37
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Irish Terrier PDF Print E-mail * * * * * * * * * * Rate Your Dogs Breed Your Breeds Trait Irish Terrier Activity level - indoors Average outdoors High Irish Terrier Obedience - ease of training Average ease of housebreaking High Irish Terrier Dominance - towards owner or family Low 43
This is a featured page = Irish Terrier - wikiFido:Dog Breeds, Rescues Cute little baby! Well big baby.44
The Irish Terrier is one of the oldest Terrier breeds.45
Dogs = Whether playing in the yard, wrestling in the living room or exploring their territory, Irish Terriers exhibit lots of energy and personality.46
b) To define precisely and publish a description of the true type, and urge the adoption of such type as adopted by the Irish Terrier Clubs on Breeders, Judges, Dog Show Committees, etc.47
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Irish Terrier