Gull Dong

Gull Dong also known as the Pakistan Bull Dog is a breed of dog used for protection and dog fighting.

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which has gull terrier and bully kutta but the modern gull dong also has american pittbull blood in it to for more drive and speed 3
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pic which is made by crossing gull terr with bullykutta.6
| Flickr - Photo Sharing! Gull dongs are nothing compared to taking on a bear. Akita would win.7
Gull Dong Dog Breeds Gull Dong, also known as the Pakistan Bull Dog, is a breed of dog used for protection and dog fighting. The Gull Dong has different colors i.e white, black and brindle. Gull Dongs are mostly...8
Height: 28" Weight: 80lbs Use: The true history of this breed is still uncertain, but most believe this breed is the combination of the Gull Terr and Bully Kutta.9
vs American Pitbull English Mastiff vs Fila Brasileiro Clouded Leopard vs Snow Leopard Fossa vs Spotted tail Quoll Tasmanian Devil vs Honey Badger 10
In Mirpur Pakistan. Today · Like · Comment · Share 1.11
Dog Breed or Rapper (D) or (R) Aidi Aceyalone Kai Ken Ahmad Kanni Arabian Prince Kishu Koolie Cappadonna Kyi-Leo Phu Quoc Arecee Akbash Akbash Taigan Phu Quoc Kyi-Leo Kishu Kanni Kai Ken Aidi Gull Dong Cretan Clumber Bully Kutta Bruno Jura Broholmer Campeiro Alano Espanol Billy Karakachan Tomjak American Bully Rampur Elo Shiba Inu Koolie Arecee Cappadonna Arabian Prince Ahmad Aceyalone 12
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is bully Gullter mix. Very deadly breed.18
and other fighting and bear-baiting breeds of the area, the Kohati Bully is primarily a hunting dog and a property guardian.19
is commonly used by criminal gangs in dog fighting activities around Pakistan the gull dong is the result of a gull terr mixed into a bully kutta 20
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Gull Dong - This dog breed was created by breeders from Pakistan. Gull Dong is a sturdy and notable elephantine dog breed.23
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Also known as the Pakistani Bull Dog, the Gull Dong is a particular aggressive guard dog breed and can often be difficult to control.27
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