Greenland Dog
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The Greenland Dog is a large breed of husky-type dog kept as a sled dog and for hunting polar bear and seal. This is an ancient breed thought to be directly descended from dogs brought to Greenland by the first Inuit settlers.

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- * The Greenland dog or Greenland husky is another ancient dog, thought to have come to Greenland by the first Inuit settlers.2
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General Appearance The Greenland Dog is a very strong polar spitz, built for endurance at strenuous work as a sledge dog under Arctic conditions. Head Skull broad and slightly domed.6
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The Greenland dog is a typical natural breed that has been raised by the Greenland people for centuries, or even maybe for thousands of years.12
The Greenland dog is similar to the Canadian Eskimo Sleddog, but is not as heavy and slightly taller.13
(Husky) - spaceA serious working dog, forced to change from sled dog to companion and trying to adjust. Standing 25 inches and weighing 60 pounds, he is built for a combination of speed and strength.14
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Information = The ancestry of the Greenland Dog can possibly be traced back to dogs that accompanied people from Siberia over 12,000 years ago.26
is an excellent draft dog and is used for hunting seal.27
park = September 13, 2008 5:44 PM | Print Story | E-Mail Story By ANDREA BROWN THE GAZETTE Who let the dogs out? That would be 17-year-old Devon Theune, creator of Devon's Dog Park. The Monument teen built the 16.28
Park = September 15th, 2008 Douglas County Unleashes New Dog Park Adjacent to Greenland Open Space - Man’s best friend is now free to roam in Douglas County’s new 16.29
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Sledding & Skiing Expedition Land of the Polar Inuit! Trip Highlights * The best of Greenland’s High Arctic scenery, 33
Sleds = A Little About the Greenland Dogsleds - Arctic sledThe sleds are a master piece of design for their efficiency and endurance in that extreme environment. The long runners distribute the weight evenly over a large area.34
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, Aria, and was done in exchange for part of a trade.37
, Tasiilaq, East Greenland = The Greenland Dog is a large breed of husky-type dog kept as a sled dog. The story behind the shot: but sorry, in German only.38
:An Ancient Sled Dog Breed = 92rate or flag By dahoglund Greenland dog Upernavik 2007 Greenland dog Upernavik 2007Source: creative commons attribution license share alike licene 3.39
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seated upon their haunches round a deer lying dead before them.41
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Group 3 - Working Dogs
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Esquimaux Dog
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Greenland Dog
The UKC currently recognizes the FCI breed standard for the Greenland Dog.