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A giant dog breed is any of many dog breeds whose height and weight put them at the largest end of all dog breeds. There is no universal height or weight at which a breed is classified as a giant breed; any very large dogs fall into this category although some groups define giant breed based on a certain height or weight such as 100 pounds. Giant breeds grow rapidly but take longer to mature into their full adult sizes than smaller dogs.

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Standard Variety - This variety of dogs includes the very large to large, large to medium and the medium to small dog breeds.3
is any of many dog breeds whose height and weight put them at the largest end of all dog breeds.4
AGAIN January 19, 2011 We went to this clinic for years. The staff are friendly.5

(Great Dane, Mastiff, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, etc.) or be used as an enclosure for other animals.6
with high incidence of idiopathic DCM (1.3-2.5%).7
and one of the largest of all dog breeds. This is a regal, intelligent and loyal dog with a warm temperament.8
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