German Spitz (Mittel)

The German Spitz Mittel is a breed of companion dog originating in Germany.

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German Spitz Питомник мальтийской болонки Питомник Фотогалерея Новости Статьи Самоед Гостиница для Ваших любимцев Шпиц Рекомендации заводчика Контакты German Spitz = Pronunciation: German Spitz Description: The Toy German Spitz, comes in a wider variety of coat colors; Black, Brown, Orange, Wolf Gray, or White. The compact, triangular ears close together and high set.2
German Spitz * A * B * C * D * E * F * G * H * I * J * K * L * M * N * O * P * Q * R * S * T * U * V * W * X * Y * Z German Spitz = There have been German Spitz breeds, a part of the Utility breeds group, for many years, varying in size from the tiniest at about 2.3
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German Spitz - German Spitz Creme Kleinspitz Creme Kleinspitz Alternative names Deutscher Spitz Country of origin Germany Common nicknames Classification and breed standards FCI: Group 5 Section 4 #97 AKC: FSS 7
German Spitz = Family: Spitz Place of Origin: Germany Date of Origin: 1400s Average Size of Male and Female: Giant: Height: 16 - 17 inches, Weight: 38.8
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German Spitz = And Is one The top Kennels Our House The Orion kennel live in the village of Lochmaben south west Scotland.10
German Spitz = German Spitz Pedigree Points Recognized: ANKC, FCI, KC (GB), KUSA Height: Small: 9-11 in (23-28cm) Standard: 1111
German Spitz = German Spitz Dog Store BREED HISTORY The origins of the German Spitz date back to at least 1450, and since then, as in the case of other breeds, there has been a tendency to scale 12
German Spitz = Mittel German Spitz Trainability: Shedding: Energy level: Watchdog: Good with kids: Popularity: n/a What He's Like: - The Mittel German Spitz is a lively, alert, bouncy, independent, devoted and watchful dog.13
German Spitz = Non-Sporting Group - AKC Foundation Stock Service (FSS) The photos are through the courtesy of Nueboree German Spitz Kennel The photo of the mature dog on the left 14
German Spitz = The Canine Chronicles Directory German Spitz There are five different types of the German Spitz: the Keeshond (considered a separate breed), the Giant Spitz, the Standard Spitz, the Toy Spitz and the Dwarf/Midget Spitz also known as the 15
German Spitz German Spitz = German Spitz German Spitz is used to refer to both a breed of dog and category or type of dog.16
German Spitz German Spitz Presents & Gifts = Here's your spot for German Spitz gifts. Whether you want German Spitz t-shirts, bumper stickers or posters, we have a big collection of unique gifts to pick from.17
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German Spitz Note: If you have this breed, or know anyone who does, please send a good profile photograph of the Dog (without humans in the background).19
German Spitz & Dalmatian ~*~ "A home, not a kennel!" ~*~ = Welcome to our website!! = We are located in County Durham, UK. All of our dogs live freely in the house as family pets.20
German Spitz (Grossspitz) German Spitz (Grossspitz) German Spitz (Grossspitz) = Breed group: Unrecognized and Rare Breed dogs Other name(s): Grossespitz; Großspitz; Grosse Spitz; Deutscher Spitz; Great Spitz Country / place of origin: Germany History: German Spitz (Grossspitz) is a type of German Spitz.21
German Spitz (Klein) german spitz (klein) - The German Spitz is descended from the Nordic Samoyed and Lapphund, which were most likely brought over to Germany with the Vikings during the Middle Ages, making spitzers an ancient 22
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German Spitz (Mittel) german spitz (mittel) - They originated in Germany sometime in antiquity, with examples nearly identical to the modern version viewable in 18th century paintings.24
GERMAN SPITZ (REVISED JULY 1, 2009) Northern Breed Group View Registration Requirements ©Copyright 2006, United Kennel Club, Inc.25
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German Spitz Dog Breed Information = German SpitzThe German Spitz is a dog breed or group of dog breeds of the Spitz type.29
German Spitz Dogs = Intelligent, busy and curious, the German Spitz is lovably independent. But it craves attention and playtime, sometimes responding by standing on its hind legs and barking happily.30
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German Spitz Information = Breed Miniature German Spitz Alternative names Deutscher Spitz Klein Deutscher Spitz Toy German Spitz 33
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German Spitz Kennels for assistance with the information provided on this page. Thanks also to Nueboree Kennels for the pictures used on this page.35
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German Spitz makes a great family pet or a one to one companion.38
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German Spitz were imported from Pomerania, Germany to England about a century ago and were subsequently called the Pomeranian.44
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: german arensdorf spitz castle german spitz austria german spitz humanism german spitz german spitz europe German Spitz Mittel German Spitz Mittel History The German Spitz breeds descend directly from the Nordic herding dogs, like the Samoyed, which were probably taken to Germany and Holland by the Vikings during the Middle ages.46
Group 7
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Deutscher Spitz
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German Spitz Mittel standing on Hadrian's Wall in Scotland.