Estrela Mountain Dog
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The Estrela Mountain Dog is a breed of dog that has been used to guard herds and homesteads in the Estrela Mountains of Portugal for centuries.

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Estrela Mountain Dog Estrela Mountain Dog Estrela Mountain Dog Size: 66 -110 lbs and up to 28 inches Activity: Medium Lifespan: 12 2
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= Origin - The Estrela Mountain Dog (also known as the C4
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= Estrela Mountain Dog Alternative Names: cao da Serra da Estrela, Portuguese mountain dog Country of Origin: Portugal History: The Estrela mountain dog is an ancient breed, 7
= Estrela Mountain Dog Estrela Mountain Dog Photo courtesy of Les Légendes d'Eos The Estrela Mountain Dog is considered to be one of the oldest beeds 8
= The earliest of the Estrela ancestors were herd-guarding dogs in the Serra da Estrela, in what is now Portugal.9
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a True Guardian and Family Pet - In the highest Portuguese mountain range, the Serra da Estrela dog once roamed as if every rock, cliff, and green pasture was their private domain.22
and the matriarch of our Kennels.23

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Breed History, Temperament, Health Issues, Grooming, Living Conditions and More Estrela Mountain Dog Breed Profile Description: The Estrela Mountain dog a sturdy dog of mastiff type. The head is long and powerful.25
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called Menna, who won Best of Breed in Pastoral group today 10.03.12, the third day of Crufts 2012, at the Birmingham NEC...28
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in the United States. We're here for owners of working, show and companion dogs. We provide support and guidance for those new to the breed.32
in the usa FCI Standard = FCI-Standard N° 173 / 28. 08.33
Information = Breed Estrela Mountain Dog Alternative names Cao da Serra da Estrela Portuguese Shepherd Serra da 34
Pictures = Eurasier Pictures » Click to show "Estrela Mountain Dog" result 1General Click to show "Estrela Mountain Dog" result 2Estrela Mountain Dog Family: Breed Group: Origin: Portugal Date of Origin: Ancient breed Originally 35
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, named after the Serra da Estrela mountain range which includes Portugal’s highest peak (1,993 metres), is one of the oldest pure breeds in the Iberian Peninsula.41
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were estimated using a linear model (LM) and a threshold model (TM). A database with 313 animals was used.45
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Cão da Serra da Estrela
Portuguese Shepherd
Guardian dogs
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