English Foxhound
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The English Foxhound is one of the four foxhound breeds of dog. They are scent hounds bred to hunt foxes by scent.

English Foxhound = Origin: England AKC Group: Hound Height: 23 inches (Male) Weight: 65 pounds (Male) Back > Click on a thumbnail to enlarge Origin: England Male height: 23 inches Male weight: 65 pounds Coat: Short, hard, glossy, dense.1
= GENERAL DESCRIPTION Similar in appearance to his American Foxhound cousin, the English version is shorter and much stouter in appearance.2
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has short, hard coat that is easy to care.5
- General Facts : The English Foxhound is an elegant hound with a wide skull and a long muzzle. It has a long neck and very strong hindquarters.6
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Find out fun facts and interesting information about the English Foxhound breed. Learn more about the English Foxhound and think about buying one of your own.8
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Fact Center = « Back To English Foxhound Breed Center - English Foxhound History of English Foxhound The Foxhound arose in the 1700s, the answer to the quest for a dog that could scent while on the run, enabling riders to 10
DOG STATS = Country of Origin: England Group: Hound Use today: Fox trailing Life Span: 10-13 years Color: 11
Dog Breed Dog Breed Center - Dog Breeds A-Z | Large Dogs | Small Dogs | Medium Sized Dogs English Foxhound - History and Health = English Foxhound Dog Breeds Introduction - History and Health of the English Foxhound Dog Breed: English Foxhounds were developed in Great Britain in the 1500’s for the 12
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= The English Foxhound was developed in Great Britain in the Middle Ages to hunt fox. This is a stocky hound with a keen sense of smell.16
are not a good choice if you're looking for a dog that's an easy keeper.17
breed care who throughout the book, educates the reader about an English Foxhounds needs and behaviour, covering key issues such as: Feeding; Grooming; Basic Care; Disorders and diseases; What to do in the case of emergency.18
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The English Foxhound has been known for nearly a thousand years as a tireless fox hunter.20
Bold and Brave Hunter! = english foxhound Background and Description: - The English Foxhound is primarily a scent hound. This breed originated out of the need to eliminate what was considered at the time, an over population of foxes.21
breeders/rescue links English Foxhound Club of America http://www.fcna.org/ We are busy collecting English Foxhound information and photos.22
Mountain West Dog Fanciers A Guide to all things "DOG" in the Western Mountain States Basic Description: The English Foxhound, in England as in America has 23

, and possibly Husky, only because of her big, bright blue eyes. But no one, not even our vet can really speculate with approximate accuracy what she could be.24
= From The Pet Wiki Jump to: navigation, search What is the origin of the English Foxhound? The roots of the English Foxhound date back before the 1800s. The English kept very careful breeding records.25
Info English Foxhound - - Click for Bucharest, Romania Forecast - Newsletter - Standard English Foxhound ŢARA DE ORIGINE: Marea Britanie STANDARD FCI: 26
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Information = English_Foxhound.29
= Nickname: None AKC Group: Hound Group Height: 21 to 25 Inches Weight: 60 to 75 Pounds Appearance: Medium-sized athletic dogs that are similar in appearance to the American Foxhound with the exception of being smaller in height. The coat is short and dense.30
As you may know, each breed of dog has its own unique set of nutritional requirements.31
Dogs = English Foxhounds make wonderful live-in companions, being easygoing and laid-back, but they really shine in the great outdoors.32
height of an english foxhound group: hound height: 23-27" weight: 55-75 lbs types: English, American colors: any, usually 33
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Dog = The English Foxhound dog originates from Great Britain dating back to the 1700's. At one time the English Foxhound differed in size and build depending from which part of the country it originated.36
Breeders Search for Breeders You can use this search tool to narrow your search from here, or you can browse the traditional directory. English Foxhound Breeders.37
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English Foxhound A member of the Hound group, The English Foxhound is an intelligent, courageous pack-hound with a cheerful, determined disposition.39
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= Posted: Apr 27, 2009 |Comments: 0 | Views: 254 | edit As per the AKC registration, the English hound is considered to be the rarest of the dog breeds.43
= History/Evolution: - Breeding records for the English Foxhound date back to the late 1700s in Great Britain, where the breed was developed to have great stamina and trailing skills.44
Dog Breed Profile English Foxhound: The English Foxhound boasts an ancestry that dates to the late 1600s.45
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