Dutch Shepherd Dog
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Original source: Two year old purebred female Dutch Shepherd "Kenja", BH, owned by Eric Nelson.

The Dutch Shepherd Dog is a breed of dog. The breed is an old herding breed of Dutch origin. In the old days shepherds and farmers needed a versatile dog a jack-of-all-trades with few demands and adapted to the harsh and meager existence of that time. From those working dogs the Dutch Shepherd Dog as we know it today was created. This background also explains the character traits which have been well preserved.

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also known as Hollandse Herdershond is a medium sized dog with well muscled and well balanced structure.2
Breed Profile And Information = by on November 11, 2010 Dutch Shepherd dog Breed Profile And In rank Dutch Shepherd dog Breed Profile And In rank 3
originated in the land of the Dutch (obviously) and is said to have developed from the farm dog breeds (working type) and that is why the Dutch Shepherd 4
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Breeders in Australia Dutch Shepherd Dog breeders in Australia are listed below for your convenience.7
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Female = Please help us spread the word FB Post Email * Dog ID 28858 * Status Reunited * Registered 28 Mar 2011 * Name BURMA * Breed Dutch Shepherd Dog * Gender Female * Operation * Age Adult * Build * Colour Tortoise shell grey * Tail 9
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Pretty Dutch Shepherd Dog male The Dutch Shepherd Dog is a breed of dog. The breed is an old herding breed of Dutch origin.11
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Pictures = Dutch Smoushond Pictures » Click to show "Dutch Shepherd Dog" result 1O riginally a sheep herding dog, the Dutch Shepherd has been used as a farm dog, as well as a guard...13
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Friday, March 6th, 2009 AKA: Hollandse Herdershond, Hollandse Herder, Dutch Shepherd, Holland Shepherd Dutch Shepherd DogDescription: There are three varieties of the Dutch Shepherd: the long-haired, the short-haired, and the wire-haired.15
Lovers = Unique Dutch Shepherd Dog Merchandise - These Dutch Shepherd Dog-themed products, available in two canine-related designs, make great gifts for any occasion and are fully customizable! You can even personalize them! Owners and lovers of this dog 16
Breed Profile And Information Dutch Shepherd dog Breed Profile And Information = * By John Williams * Published 06/21/2008 17
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Gender: FemaleAdoptable: NoBirthday: January 11, 2009 Biography: I'm a UKC Champion and live in Toronto Canada. I'm a Schapendoes, a Dutch Sheepdog, but they only have "Dutch Shepherd Dog" listed.20

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Country of origin The Netherlands Common nicknames Classification and breed standards Not recognized by any major kennel club This breed of Dog 22
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are avaiIabIe for adoption: Dutch Shepherd Rescue Alerts View Florida groups below, or select a different location here: Help keep this page updated: Click the small x 34
No votes yet The breed originated in the Netherlands during the 1800s where they were valued for their herding ability and quick reflexes.35
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Alternate name
Dutch Shepherd
Holland Shepherd
Hollandse Herder
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A short-coated gold brindle Dutch Shepherd Dog
This breed is also accepted by ARBA