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The Cane Corso is an Italian breed of dog for years valued highly in Italy as a companion guardian and hunter.

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* Random Photos * ANIMAL ELEMENTS THE CANE CORSO - Looking for the origins By Renzo Carosio The story of the Cane Corso, coincides extraordinarily with the history of the Italic peoples, in all the splendor 5
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- Brutus is a huge cane corso, with an enormous frame and large boned. He has a fantastic temperament and is extremely loyal.7
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= Cane corso is pronounced as can-eh cor-so. It is a large mastiff dog, emanating from the massive molossers of Italy. It is an Italian mastiff, in other words.9
= Category: Dogs, Working Dogs, Molossers, Mastiffs, Sicily, Italy, Europe, Guard Dog, Hunting Dog, Herding Dog, Fighting Dog - Cane Corso / Corso Names Cane Corso, Cane da Macellaio, Italian Corso Dog, Italian Mastiff, Italian Molosso, Sicilian Branchiero, Corso Dog, Cane Corse, Corso, Cane Corso Sicilia Origins Sicily, Italy Tasks Guard Dog, Hunting Dog, Herding Dog, Fighting Dog Height 64-68 cm / 60-64 cm Weight 45-50 kg / 40-45 kg Lifespan 10-11 years Registry FCI, AKC (FSS), CKC Group Molossers, Mastiffs The Cane Corso (Cane Corse) is a large sized, short coated, athleticly muscular, molosser type dog that was developed in Sicily, Italy.10
cane corso - The Cane Corso is characteristically a very lean, large, and muscular dog. Cane Corso's are much more athletic looking that other mastiff breeds and they generally weigh between 80-110lbs.11
Cane Corso = Search Website Login Classified: Working Cane Corso Available for Stud Working Cane Corso Available for Stud Welcome to the Cane Corso section of the pedigreedatabase 12
Cane Corso Shop With Confidence Our Price Promise Price Promise To You If you are on this page you will be looking to buy Cane Corso.13
Cane Corso Presents & Gifts = Here's your spot for Cane Corso gifts. Whether you want Cane Corso t-shirts, bumper stickers or posters, we have a big collection of unique gifts to pick from.14
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The Cane Corso is an ancient Italian Breed, robust and muscular, medium-to-large in size, yet still elegant and athletic.19
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adult "Brandy" Cane Corso adults (left to right) “Blue” and “Chaos” The noble Cane Corso's predecessors were big game hunters that showed power, courage, and agility, and later proved their skills as drovers and guardians of livestock, property, and family on Italian farms.22
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Dogs = Named after the Latin word for “protector,” the Cane Corso is exactly that—a watchful (but not threatening) presence around the home. The Cane Corso has a stable and dependable personality.24

dogs: Simon (It.+ Rep Ch.) from Simona Tanzarella, Yurak + Cloto (It.+Rep. Ch.) +Eden (It. Ch.) from Elmi Kennel, Bayron (It.+Rep. Ch.25
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is a small hobby kennel that breeds and imports Cane Corsos mostly from Europe.30
ITALIANO AMERICAN CANE CORSO 1957: Professor Giovanni Bonatti published an article mentioning the need to save the Cane Corso breed.31
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Mastif Mauls 4-Year-Old Boy In Brooklyn = Cane Corso Mastif The Huffington Post Dean Praetorius First Posted: 05/29/11 04:36 PM ET Updated: 07/29/11 06:12 AM ET 33
Networking Zone for you the current or future Cane Corso owner to enjoy all of the Cane Corso Italiano information and community.34
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Puppies for Sale Country of Origin Italy. Coat: Short, dense hair. Colors range from Black, Blue, Tan, Red, Gray, Chocolate and Brindle.36
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Rescue = A dedicated group of volunteers helping Cane Corsos in need across the U.S.A.38
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Thailand, Cane corso puppy, Italian mastiff cane corso for sale = Cane Corso's in Thailand are very rare.40
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! - The Cane Corso (also referred to as the Italian Mastiff) is a dog that looks a lot like the typical mastiff, although it does not have its loose skin, which reduces its drooling.42
! It is our goal to breed the Cane Corso in its original form.43
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* - Welcome to the world of the Cane Corso, or Italian Mastiff, or Sicilianos Branchiero; which ever you wish to call it.46
?? = im looking to get a cane corso and i live in the chicago area but cane corsi seem to be 1200 dollars at least. is there any breeder that sells for cheaper.47
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