Bull Terrier (Miniature)
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The Bull Terrier (Miniature) is a breed with origins in the English White Terrier the Dalmatian and the Bulldog. The first existence is documented 1872 in The Dogs of British Island.

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Bull Terrier = Share | Print * * * * * * * * * 49 love it Minotaur 45 love it Harry 40 love it Patato 9 love it Bullet 7 love it Bullet 6 love it Chloe 4 love it Elmo 3 love it Bentleigh 2 love it Chloe The distinctive shape of the Bull Terrier's egg-like head and robust body makes this breed one of the most recognized in the world.3
Bull Terrier BACKGROUND The Bull Terrier is known as the gladiator of the canine race and is one of the oldest terrier breeds native to England.4
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Bull Terrier Adopt a Bull Terrier = Bull Terrier Dog Breed Picture: Kent and Donna Dannen Comment on the Bull Terrier Family: terrier, mastiff (bull) Area of origin: England Original function: dog fighting Average 6
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Bull Terrier = Despite its tough upbringing, today's bull terrier has an extremely positive disposition.8
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Bull Terrier Club All rights reserved CBTC History Judges Show Results Rules Forum Welcome to the Coloured Bull Terrier Club There were attempts in England to form a club in support of the Coloureds as early as 1920.11
Bull Terrier (Miniature) Miniature Bull Terrier Size: Medium Group: Terrier Life-span: 10-14 years Exercise: Medium Grooming: Low Origin: UK Search for Bull Terrier (Miniature) puppies for sale >> Search for Bull Terrier (Miniature) breeders in the UK >> Search for Bull Terrier (Miniature) stud dogs >> 12
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Bull Terrier was just too much for her to handle along with her and her mother's health issues.14
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Bull Terrier is a good dog that has developeda bad reputation.16
bull terrier mastiff Recent Questions About: difference pit bull terrier mastiff Pets > Dogs Answer ziggrl's question Answers Answer from Doglover928 3 people found this helpful A Pit Bull is otherwise known as an American Staffordshire Terrier.17
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BULL TERRIER HISTORY by Lorraine Jones The Bull Terrier is a British breed of dog. Its predecessors were developed for the purposes of pit fighting, in the middle of the 19th century.19
Bull Terrier >> Breeders View our Advertiser Listing Bull Terrier Breeders = The following breeders listing contains : Bull Terrier Breeders who are located in Australia and New Zealand.20
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BULL TERRIER (WHITE) Starting in the mid-1800s from a cross between the Bulldog and the White English Terrier, the Bull Terrier was developed as a gentleman's companion.23
Bull Terrier it is a short cut to a long arm or a heart attack! Dogs should not be allowed off the lead.24

Bull Terrier Meetup Group of San Diego San Diego, CA Private Meet other local English Bull Terrier owners & lovers. Training tips on English Bull Terriers and their habits.25
Bull Terrier Fighter's Shop - Provide Authentic Largest selection of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and MMA Gear products。English, Japanese, Portuguese and Chinese supported.26
Bull Terrier Before the nineteenth century, bloodsports such as bull baiting, bear baiting and cock fighting were common.27
Bull Terrier Puppies, Bull Terrier Breeders, Bull Terriers For Sale, Bull Terriers = Learn about your this breed of dog with our extensive breed profile.28
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Bull Terrier = Forum dedicated to the history, health and training of the Bull Terrier - Forum to discuss Bulls Terriers (and Miniature Bull Terriers) along with topics about health, bull terrier training, events, 30
Bull Terrier Order some of our Bull Terrier gift items today. These cool and colorful Bull Terriers are original works of art found only on the web.31
bull terrier whom we acquired from Bull Terrier Rescue in 1993. Skin problems are very common in bull terriers.32
Bull Terrier cat named Bodger. ^~*~^~*~^~*~^~*~^~*~^~*~^~*~^~*~^~*~^~*~^~*~^~*~^~*~^~*~^~*~^~*~^~*~^~*~^ The Bull Terrier was introduced by mating a Bulldog with the white English Terrier.33
Bull Terrier Breeders of Kentucky * Home * Available Puppies * Puppy Purchase Information 34
bull terrier Welcome to Bull Terrier 411 Welcome to a site dedicated to providing you with a TRUE look at the wonderful breed of dog known as the Bull Terrier.35
Bull Terrier View our Advertiser Listing The Bull Terrier = Breed Feature Photo - Unauthorised use prohibited! Unauthorised use of photo prohibited Our Breed Feature Photo (?) Bullroy Bk Baggy Pants Owned by Kirsty & Beau View more profiles 36
Bull Terrier Dog at Euro Dog Show in Zagreb last week. New Bull Terrier web sites = Ch.37
Bull Terrier Puppies, Bull Terrier Puppies for Sale, by Pets4You.38
Bull Terrier = Bull Terrier Pedigree Points Recognized: AKC, ANKC, CKC, FCI, KC (GB), KUSA Height: 21-22 in (52.5-55cm) Weight: 52-62 lb (23.39
Bull Terrier Dog & Puppies = " The White Cavalier " Breed Origins: England ( 1800's) Breed usage: Dog fighting Dog Weight: 45 - 65 Pounds Dog Height: 21 to 22 inches to the shoulder Cost of Puppies: Cost of puppies varies depending on location, breeder and pedigree history Dog Names & Breeds Site Index Terrier Dog Breed 40
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Bull Terrier American Staffordshire Terrier What's the difference between an American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), an American Staffordshire Terrier and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier ? The three 42
Bull Terrier Facts Staffordshire Bull Terrier Facts = The Staffordshire bull terrier possesses an imposing persona that hides its sensitive side, according to the American Kennel Club.43
Bull Terrier » Bull Terrier Bull Terrier Bull Terrier Sponsored Links: The Bull Terrier is a breed of dog in the terrier family.44
Bull Terrier Breeder 2007 - "to find the most consistent breeder of top dogs" 'Our Dogs' "Puppies available 2011, please see puppy page for further details.45
Bull Terrier Dogs = Bull Terriers may look like rugby players, but deep down they are sweet, dependable, gentle and downright silly at times. They have a good-natured tirelessness with kids, and they love to goof around and make people laugh.46
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