The Broholmer also called the Danish Broholmer is a large molosser breed of dog from Denmark recognized by the Danish Kennel Club and the Fédération Cynologique Internationale. It has been employed as a guard dog in the homes of the wealthy. The breed's numbers dwindled severely during WWII but the dog made a successful return in the 1970s.

= Danish Broholmer Alternative Names: Broholmer Country of Origin: Denmark History: Although they were once well known in Denmark, the Broholmer almost died out in the mid-nineteenth century and again in the 1
Danish Broholmer Dog, Breed, Puppies, Nature and Information = The Danish Broholmer is also referred to as the Danish Mastiff. This breed has originated in Denmark and is a molosser breed.2
Pictures of Danish Broholmer Description = A Mastiff-type of dog of large size, rectangular and strongly built, with composed and powerful movement.3
(a dog)inside ohio? = * 4 years ago * Report Abuse Voelven by Voelven Member since: August 24, 2006 Total points: 31,264 (Level 7) * Add Contact * Block Best Answer - Chosen by Voters - I believe they are still very rare, even within Denmark. I would suggest contacting the official Danish Club: http://broholmeren.4
breeder? = I'm looking for a breeder that breeds Danish Broholmers.5
Danish Broholmer Dogs History: Other Names: Country Of Origin: Lifespan: 1-1 years Colours: Coat: Breed: Non-KC Registered Size: Height: Male: cm ( ins) 6
- spaceA big, powerful, drop-eared, good natured but capable protector at 28" and averaging 130 pounds! - Description provided by the Science and Advisory Board.7
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> Breeders Danish Broholmer Breeders = A typical dog breeder produces companion / pet-quality and / or show-potential puppies. Usually, breeders sell puppies only, although sometimes adult dogs will be available under specific circumstances.9
Dog Breed information (Danish Broholmer) No Broholmer photos currently available Broholmer breeders - feature your kennels here! The Broholmer, also called the Danish Broholmer, is 10
Puppies Search = Broholmer Breeders Directory = Find and Contact Quebec Breeders Nearest You Using Our Free Breeder Search Tool Below! - To locate a Broholmer breeder, enter your zip or postal code: blog logo Doggies Blog: Recent Posts - Subscribe to Doggies Blog in RSS Reader Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: Powered by FeedBurner Quebec: Broholmer Breeders = Below 11
- - Description - A Mastiff-type of dog of large size, rectangular and strongly built, with composed and powerful movement.12
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Wednesday, February 11th, 2009 AKA: Danish Broholmer Danish BroholmerDescription: The Broholmer is a mastiff-type of dog with a muscular body and powerful movement. Its head is wide, with a sturdy neck.16
> Adoption / Rescue Organizations Danish Broholmer Adoption / Rescue Organizations = The two primary types of adoption facilities for dogs are animal shelters 17
in several languages, especially about black broholmers) www. (Danish Broholmer Club) (a lot of photos, need to registrate) http://www.123hjemmeside.18
Photo Gallery Broholmer Photo Gallery Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 The Broholmer images shown below are from litters of Broholmer puppies for sale listed by Broholmer breeders on the Broholmer pages of our classified web sites.19
* Bruno-Jura-Hound * Bucovina-Shepherd-Dog * Bull-and-Terrier * Bulldog * Bullmastiff * Bully-Kutta * Cairn-Terrier * Canaan-Dog * Canadian-Eskimo-Dog * Canadian-Pointer * Pitbull-Attack * Pitbull-Dog * Cane-Corso * Cao-da-Serra-de-Aires * Cao-de-Castro-Laboreiro * Cao-Fila-de-Sao-Miguel * Carolina-Dog * Carpathian-Shepherd-Dog * Kangal-Dog * Kangal * Labrador-Retriever * Great-Dane * Golden-Retriever * Catahoula-Cur * Catalan-Sheepdog * Caucasian-Shepherd-Dog * Cavalier-King-Charles-Spaniel * Central-Asian-Shepherd-Dog * Cesky-Fousek * * Broholmer images imageBroholmer images * File:Broholmer głowa profil imageFile:Broholmer głowa profil * Broholmer kommer fra Danmark, imageBroholmer kommer fra Danmark, * Broholmer kommer fra Danmark, imageBroholmer kommer fra Danmark, * The Broholmer is imageThe Broholmer is * The Broholmer is imageThe Broholmer is * Op�ti izgled: Broholmer je imageOp�ti izgled: Broholmer je 20
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Boston terier Szczeniaczki Nasi „emeryci" Wspomnienia 26 listopada 2008 r. urodziły się kolejne szczenięta rasy broholmer.22
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"" was sent to me by Kare Konradsen of Norway. The Broholmer is a Danish Mastiff.25
vs Rhodesian Ridgeback = Now it's up to you to decide which one is the best Guard dog ! - Danish Broholmer Killed 29 times vs 26
Clean / Dirty Dishwasher Magnet See larger image and other views Share your own customer images Danish Broholmer Clean / Dirty Dishwasher Magnet = by Danish Broholmer Be the first to review this item | - Price: $5.27
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vs Giant Schnauzer = Now it's up to you to decide which one is the best Guard dog ! - Danish Broholmer Killed 28 times vs 29
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Nutrition Broholmer Nutrition Bromma konsultfretag friskvrdsbranschen kost kostrdgivning frelsningar matlagning prestation idrottskost idrottsinriktning nringstillskott idrottsnutrition hlsa viktjustering mat motion friskvrd golf prestationsutveckling 33
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Alternate name
Danish Broholmer
Denmark mastiff
Guardian dog
Image Caption
A male Broholmer
The UKC does not have an official breed standard; it currently uses the FCI standard