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A breed group is a categorization of related breeds of animal by an overseeing organization used to organize the showing of animals. In dogs kennel clubs define the Breed Groups and decide which dog breeds are to be included in each breed group. The Fédération Cynologique Internationale breed groups are used to organize dogs for international competition. Breed groups often have the names of and are loosely based on ancestral dog types of modern dog breeds.

BREED GROUP - "Rabbit Related" Overview | Groups HomeGroup GIANT AND LARGE RABBIT BREED GROUP logoCome and join this group if you are a fantastic Giant or Large bunny breed View Members View Photo Albums View Topics Members: 1
Breed group of Bullmastiff - Working GroupWorking Group Working Group is the name of a breed group of dogs, used by kennel clubs to classify 2
Breed Group of Microsoft Certified Partners in Southern California Join Forces to Create Elite Excellence Team = Certified Microsoft partners join forces to create an Elite Excellence 3
breed group and lactation status on calving rate of beef cows in the humid tropics of Mexico = Abstract The objective of this study was to 4
breed group are not eligible for championship points.5
Breed Group which includes Himalayans and Exotic Shorthairs.6

Breed group include: American foxhound. As a hound developed to hunt foxes, the American foxhound thrives on outdoor activities.7
breed group Permissible Outcross: Only within breed group Unknown permitted Permissible Outcross: Accepted breeds only No unknowns (with exception of breeds shown below with an asterisk) 8
breed group from the list below Alphabetical list (complete breed list) Sporting Group Hound Group Non-Sporting Group Herding Group Working Group Terrier Group Toy Group Miscellaneous Class These links will take you directly to the AKC's list Puppies as gifts A puppy often becomes one of the most wished for items to be found beneath the tree on Christmas Day.9
Breed Group Name: Fat-tailed Sheep Subgroup Information: Group Origin: These sheep are almost certainly descended from very ancient importations from Arabia across the narrow Bal-el-Mandeb Straits at the mouth of the Red Sea.10
Breed Group of Four Stokesley Show; 1st Rare Breed Male Nidderdale Show; Best Maiden Gilt Craven Cattle Mart Rare Breed Show & Sale; 1st Primitive Female 11
breed group sheep Click the Search button to search for more information on Fulani breed group sheep within the Animal Health and Production Compendium.12