Boxer (dog)
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Developed in Germany the Boxer is a breed of stocky medium size short-haired dog. The coat is smooth and fawn brindled white or even reverse brindled with or without white markings. Boxers are brachycephalic (they have broad short skulls) and have a square muzzle mandibular prognathism (an underbite) very strong jaws and a powerful bite ideal for hanging on to large prey.

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Boxer = From Paula Collins - Cinema Boxers See More About: * * dogs and kids * popular dogs * dog breeds (Continued from Page 1)Page One Attitude: Fun Loving, young at heart, playful and exuberant are the best words to describe the boxer.3
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BOXER NEW OWNERS GUIDE TO BOXERS AKC BOXER VIDEO Dog Breeds :: Boxer Boxer boxer history|temperament|exercise|grooming|health Size (weight) Grooming required Exercise required Living space Training required Child tolerance Stranger tolerance Description: - The Boxer is a strong and muscular medium-to large-sized dog that is very energetic.8
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Boxer is a medium-sized, square built dog of good substance with short back, strong limbs, and short, tight-fitting coat. The broad, blunt muzzle is the Boxer’s distinctive feature.22
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Boxer Mixed Joslyn The Boxer Mixed - 89 days ago This is Joslyn, the 1 and 1/2 year old female Boxer and German Short Hair Pointer mixed breed from Omaha, NE. Photo sent by Stacey.33
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Boxer Savvy = Just another WordPress site * Home * Training & Care Guide * Blog * Link To Us * Support Boxer Dog Training Boxer dog training can be a very daunting experience for the owner who is not prepared for the resistance a Boxer will show when taught commands.44
Boxer Pumps are used in blood pressure monitors, portable and fixed gas analysers, pipette controllers and many other pressure and vacuum applications.45
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Group 6
Litter Size
average 6-8
Group 3 - Working
Alternate name
Deutscher Boxer
German Boxer
German Bulldog
Life Span
Image Caption
Brindle Boxers with uncropped and cropped ears
fawn or brindle
black mask
with or without white markings