Bedlington Terrier
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The Bedlington Terrier is a breed of terrier named after the mining town of Bedlington Northumberland in North East England.

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= descriptive textDog breed info Bedlington Terrier (Rothbury Terrier) Weight: 16 — 24 lbs Height: 15” — 17” AKC Rank 2008 #124 Lifespan: 12—14 yrs 2
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Calendars! - A dog is like an eternal Peter Pan, a child who never grows old and who therefore is always available to love and be loved.4
training, care, history, temperament, and characteristics Group: Terrier Weight: 17 - 23 pounds Height: 15 - 17 inches Life Expectancy: Bedlingtons often live up to 17 years Size of Litters: Average 3 - 6 puppies DBT highly recommends the How To Choose The Best Dog For Your Family ebook when choosing a new dog or 5
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! - The Bedlington Terrier is one breed that looks more like a lamb than a dog; its coat and head are similar to that of a sheep.7
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Dog & Puppies = " The Lamb-like Dog " Breed Origins: England ( 1800's ) Breed usage: Hunting Dog: badgers and vermin Dog Weight: 17 - 23 Pounds Dog Height: 15.5 to 16.9
Information = Breed Bedlington Terrier Alternative names Rothbury Terrier Rodbery Terrier Height (male/female) 16-17 inches 10
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puppies for sale Bedlington Terrier = Bedlington Terrier Group terrier Origin Great Britain 13
Pet Road Tests > Dogs Breed: Bedlington Terrier Temperament: affectionate, lively Lifespan: 14 - 15 years Recommended for: families Dumpage rate: low Maintenance: medium to high (regular 14
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= Share | Print * * * 68 love it Harley 63 love it Nadine 51 love it Glen The Bedlington Terrier is graceful and lithe, with no sign of coarseness. It is alert, full of energy and courageous.16
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= Bedlington Terrier Pedigree Points Recognized: AKC, ANKC, CKC, FCI, KC (GB), KUSA Height: Dog: 16-1719
Bedlington Terrier = Bedlington Terrier Weight: The Bedlington Terrier is often described as looking like a lamb on a leash, 20
Puppies, Bedlington Terrier Breeders, Bedlington Terriers For Sale, Bedlington Terriers = Learn about your this breed of dog with our extensive breed profile.21
Bedlington Terrier = Bedlington Terrier The Bedlington Terrier is a breed of terrier named after the mining town of Bedlington, Northumberland in North 22
= Thinking about purchasing an Bedlington Terrier? Then read our breed profile including a brief description, information on height, weight, color, coat, temperament, grooming, activity and history.23
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= Bed·ling·ton terrier - noun \ˈbed-liŋ-tən-\ Definition of BEDLINGTON TERRIER - : a swift lightly built terrier of English origin with a 25

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- Show AllPuppy SeekersBreedersVets Description = Illustration of Bedlington Terrier This unique breed has a lamb-like look about it, but don’t be fooled: this North Country dog 27
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= Bedlington Terrier Dog Store = Bedlington Terrier Image BREED HISTORY The origins of the Bedlington Terrier are not recorded, but terriers, 29
Dog Breed Information - Bedlington Terriers Bedlington Terriers, Bedlington Terrier Dogs Bedlington Terrier Puppies, Bedlington Terrier Breeders, Bedlington Terrier Clubs and Rescue, Bedlington Terrier Pictures, Bedlington Terrier Names and moreCommon Misspellings, 30
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= 76rate or flag By Krista 07 Description - The bedlington terrier has been described as a lamb with the heart of a lion.32
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Bedlington Terrier Rescue and Rehoming Group Mr E Walker, South Yorkshire. Tel: 01709 542346 Mrs S Read, Norfolk.34
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bedlington terrier - The famed progenitor of Bedlington was a dog named "Old Flint", whelped in 1782 and owned by "Squire Trevelyan.38
How to Groom a Bedlington Terrier = Bedlington Terriers have a graceful appearance, are well balanced, alert and agile.39
Football Club after tracing his family roots to the town. "Sport can be about local people, local pride and having a lot of fun.40
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DOG STATS = Country of Origin: England Group: Terrier Use today: Earthdog Life Span: 15 to 17 years Color: 43
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:: Dog Breeds Translate this page Bedlington Terrier = Description: bedlington terrierThe Bedlington Terrier may look like a lamb in its shorn state but has 46
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Bedlington Terrier dog, a Bedlington Terrier picture, plus a Bedlington Terrier for sale.48
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