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The Azawakh is a sighthound dog breed from Africa.

Azawakh Return To Previous Page >> Kennel Club Group Hound General Size Large Exercise requirements High Adult Height 23" - 29" (58 - 74 cms) Suitability for Children Low Adult Weight 37 - 55 lb (17 - 25 kgs) Compatibility other pets Low Average Lifespan 1
* About Me A New Standard of the Azawakh - In early 2009, I worked with Daoud Abdullah Abdullah (David Moore) to draft a new Standard of the Azawakh that is 2
* About Me Azawakh follow Allen’s and Bergmann’s Rules - December 4, 2008 Theory - In 1887, Joel Asaph Allen posited a biological rule that warm-blooded animals in colder climates tend to have shorter limbs than the equivalent animals from hotter climates.3
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= The Azawakh is a sighthound dog breed from Africa.6
= Azawakh Azawakh - Azawakh = Azawakh, a sighthound dog breed from Africa class, taxon, breed, biological group, breed of dog Class breed of dog, taxon, biological group, breed Parent Class 7
= Azawakh Other names/Nicknames: * Tuareg Sloughi Country/Date of origin: * Mali * 1000 AD Height: * 23 to 29 inches Weight: 8
= From The Pet Wiki Jump to: navigation, search Azawakh Vital Statistics: Place of Origin: Mali Group: Sighthound Height: males 25-29 in., females 23-27 in. Weight: males 44-55 lbs., females 33-44 lbs. Life span: 12 yrs.9
= Petroglyph rock art found in Africa dating back to between 8,000 and 10,000 years ago depict hunters side by side with very tall and thin hunting dogs with their backsides 10
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Azawakh = * Azawakh Breed Information - picture of dog: Azawakh Learn all about Azawakh dogs, read about the Azawakh breed 12
Azawakh dog Azawakh Azawakh dog Azawakh dog Azawakh dog Azawakh dog film of azawakh dog Azawakh Dog movie height of a xxx hound dog group: hound /sight height: m 25-29", 64-74 cm / 13
Azawakh Dog Breed = By John M Williams Breed group: Hounds Weight: Male: 44-55; Female: 33-44 lbs Height: Male: 25-29, Female: 23-27 inches Overview The Azawakh are originally from the Sahel region in Africa. They have been developed by the several nomadic tribes that live in the Southern Sahara, as hunting and guard dogs.14
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Bernese Mountain Dog Bloodhound Borzoi Bouvier de Flandres Broholmer Bull Mastiff Caucasian Shepherd English Mastiff Estrela 16
Mountain West Dog Fanciers A Guide to all things "DOG" in the Western Mountain States Basic Description: The Azawakh originated in the Sahel region of 17
Qulood comes to us from David Moore, Azawakh Idiiyat es Sahel, but was bred in Germany by Tombouktou Kennel.18
Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - Akhal Teke horse Reading a post by Daoud on facebook I discovered this breed of horse which he called "the Azawakh of horses" The Akal Teke is a very lean desert horse from Turkmenistan.19
View our Advertiser Listing The Azawakh = Conformation Show Section Our members showcase their own dogs here for you and let you know of their wins in the ring.20
(Dog standard) = Azawakh is an african sighthound of afro-asian type which appeared in europe towards 1970 and comes from the nigerian middle basin, among others from the valley of the 21

(REVISED JULY 1, 2009) Sighthound & Pariah Group View Registration Requirements ©Copyright 1993, United Kennel Club, Inc.22
Club Gallery = This Gallery has been created to display products designed specifically for The Azawakh Club of America, Inc. (AZCA).23
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has a coat of fine hair that lies close to its body. Hair on the abdomen may be sparse or completely lacking.27
Idi! Idi! Idi! = Azawakh Idi! Idi! Idi! Is a blog about preservation.28
in America (or Why the Azawakh is Not for Everyone) What is the future of the Azawakh in America? Up until now, the Azawakh has 29
in Norway * Contact * Photos * Litters in Norway Slides Copyright © 2012
in the Sahel ÷ Character and Education ÷ Racing and Coursing ÷ My Azawakh Unforgotten ÷ My Litters ÷ Puppies and News ÷ Published Article ÷ 31
Is A West African Sighthound Azawakh is a West African sighthound Tall and elegant, the Azawakh is a West African sighthound who originates by countries 32
Links - * Breed Standard * Colors and Markings * Did You Know? * History * News * Photos * Puppies * Breed Contacts - * National Breed Club * Breeder Referral * Breeder Classifieds * Breed Rescue Azawakh Did You Know? = * The Azawakh has been assigned the Hound Group designation. * The Azawakh is also known as the Tuareg Sloughi.33
Nation = . images of Azawakh I have bred or owned and other stuff .34
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, Tuareg Sloughi, Azawakh Hound = Azawakh, also known as Tuareg sloughi and Azawakh hound, is an African sighthound of afro-asian type which appeared in Europe towards 1970 and comes from the Nigerian middle basin, among others from the valley 37
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- Since 1989 Home Azawakhs News OtherSimoons Family Interests Links Site Map Breed Information Owning an Azawakh Photo Gallery FAQ Memorial Articles Interviews Character Quick, attentive, distant, reserved with strangers 39
- Since 1989 Home Azawakhs News OtherSimoons Family Interests Links Site Map Present Azawakhs Litters Simoon Sambala Deb Kidwell & Rhonda Mann Norma Spivey Orange County, Virginia Madinsonville, TN 540-207-2009 423-420-1133 40
= Welcome ! - To these few pages about Ingrid Aigeldinger's thirty years devotion to the Azawakh dogs. Xarex We are not breeding anymore.41
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Tuareg Sloughi
Sighthounds and Pariah Dogs
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Typical Azawakh male
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