Austrian Pinscher
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The Austrian Pinscher (Österreichischer Pinscher FCI No. 64) is a medium large breed of pinscher-type dog from Austria where dogs of the type were originally farm dogs keeping barns free of rats and acting as home guards livestock guardians and drovers.

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= Austrian Pinscher Austrian Pinscher ist ein Schäferhund. Es passt gut zu hüten und bewachen Tiere. Austrian Pinscher können als Wachhund eingesetzt werden.9
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cansuffer from HD, and they do have a heart condition that it hereditary.20
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Overview These dogs love to chase small rodents, but they are hard to find outside Austria Temperament of the Austrian Pinscher This race was originally farm dog and has been for business, animals and houses of their owners.23
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, Österreichischer Pinscher, Österreichischer Kynologenverband, Österreichischer kurzhaariger Pinscher, origination: Austria from ancient Austrian country Pinschers, recognized as a purebreed in origin country in 1928 bred for: farm dog, vermin hunting, watchdog identifying traits: ideal for: ratting, watchdog, companion, family 25
: The Austrian pinscher is the typical farm dog, and for centuries has this race kept pest populations below the Austrian farms.26
: Prognostisert alder for en austrian pinscher er 12 til 14 år. Austrian pinscher kan være kinkig å snuse opp hos oppdrettere.27
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Alternate name
Österreichischer Kurzhaarpinscher or Austrian Shorthaired Pinscher
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A female Austrian Pinscher