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The Australian Bulldog originally known as the Aussie Bulldog is a developing dog breed from Australia. Selective breeding was begun in the 1990s by breeders who wished to create a dog with the look of a Bulldog without that breed's inherent health problems. There were two independent breeding programs one by Noel and Tina Green (the JAG line) and a separate program by Pip Nobes (the Nobes Australian Bulldog- Wingara lines). Each has its own separate registries.

FATBOYs Tay-Noz Tugger and FATBOYs Princess Pooki FATBOY Australian bulldogs Advertise Your Kennel With Us Other Names Aussie Bulldog Origin - Use Today Companion Life Expectancy This breed can live as long as - years of age Weight 1
General Description - - (Mini Aussie Bulldog) The Miniature Australian Bulldog has a strong body, solid and compact.2
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- (Formerly known as the "Aussie Bulldog") The Australian Bulldog is a purely Australian vision which has produced a dog instantly recognisable as a Bulldog without the anotomical exagerations to restrict vigour, activity and overall 5
- Australian Bulldog Origin – Australia Fédération Cynologique Internationale – Not recognised American Kennel Club – Not recognised Australian National Kennel Club – Not recognised Canadian 6
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= Australian Bulldog Australian Bulldog - Australian Bulldog = Australian Bulldog, originally known as the Aussie Bulldog, a developing dog breed from Australia class, taxon, breed, biological group, breed of dog Class breed of dog, taxon, biological group, breed Parent Class 8
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= The Australian Bulldog, originally known as the Aussie Bulldog, is a developing dog breed from Australia.10
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Bulldogs/Australian Bulldog = Advertisement Expert: English Bulldogs ( Marie ) e-mail me at - 11/1/2009 Question Hi Maria.12
Dozer The Australian Bulldog - 118 days ago This is Dozer, the 18 month old male Australian Bulldog from Porongurup, Western Australia.13
Pictures of Miniature Australian Bulldog Description = The body Structure overall should be one of great strength with good thickness of bone with males 14
- Any Experiences? or other breed recomendations? - Hi All, my partner has her heart set on getting a dog for a companion, she's been wanting one for a year, i'd love another dog too, haven't owned one since 15
ant (Myrmecia pyriformis) = I *think* it is the largest species of ant in the world, quite common in the southern foothills near Adelaide, South Australia, where I live.16
Ant - Myrmecia = Best viewed 'Original' (3072 x 2048) View On Black Australian Bulldog ants, Bull ants, (genus Myrmecia), are among the biggest and most primitive of ants.17
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breeder based in the outer east of Melbourne.20

Breeders - 13 Oct 2009 13 Oct, 2009 Dog Breeders No items matching your keywords were found.21
Breeders Breed Fact Sheet I Photo Gallery - Queensland | Victoria | Tasmania | South Australia | ACT Western Australia | Northern Territory | NSW | International | New Zealand If you have any more questions on this breed, the breeders listed could provide you with the information you need.22
Breeders in America Australian Bulldog breeders in America are listed below for your convenience.23
History - Sunday, June 26, 2011 by Molly Australian Bulldog and British Bulldog nose to nose Bulldog Australian Style! I didn’t even know there was such a breed! My human’s friends came around the other day, they had just picked up a brand spanking new Australian Bulldog Puppy.24
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puppies = Listed by Bruce And Michelle Robinson from Kilcoy, QLD (map) Australian bulldog puppies - $1,250AUD Australian Bulldog puppies for sale, 2 males, price includes ABS Registration and papers, 27
Puppies For Sale = Are you thinking of getting a bulldog for a pet? Well, before you proceed with your purchase or adoption, you might want 28
puppies for sale in America! Australian Bulldog puppies are for sale in America with pups for sale puppy classifieds! Buy or sell your Australian Bulldog puppies 29
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Health! - Introduction Here I will attempt to cover as many of the common Australian Bulldog ailments as possible, as well as others the British Bulldog suffers 35
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of outstanding conformation, sustainable health and dependable character, destined to become loving, all round family companions.37
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/ and I was just curious as to what type of dog this was.40
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not yet recognised by the Canine Council.
Aussie Bulldog
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